Yardley London Poppy Diamond *Gifted

Yardley London Poppy Diamond

I didn’t know what to expect of the Yardley London Poppy Diamond fragrance.  I’ve never had a Yardley scent before but in my mind they were always something that your Nan would wear.  I’ve since learnt not to judge a book by its cover and to try things before automatically writing them off.

As Valentine’s Day is almost here, Yardley London have launched The Collection and they describe it as the perfect way to embrace the ultimate celebration of love.  Each scent has been inspired by the beauty and allure of glittering gemstone and there are five fragrances in the range.  Each perfume comes in a gorgeous bottle that are uniquely shaped to catch the light and shine like a gemstone.

Yardley London Poppy Diamond

Whilst some of the gemstones covered include Amethyst, Ruby and Jade, I am a diamond girl through and through.  If I am ever rich then you can guarantee that I’ll have ice dripping from me so I was more than happy to see that I had been sent Yardley London Poppy Diamond.

A sophisticated, sparkling and uplifting floral bouquet inspired by the astonishing beauty of the diamond with fruity citrus top notes of pear and bergamot.  Poppy Diamond is enveloped in a sweet, subtle note of honey with an explosive, uplifting and romantic combination at its heart of rose, peony and lily of the valley, with soft, warm base notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and vanilla.

Yardley London Poppy Diamond

When I read the press release I was a bit worried that I would hate the scent.  I’m fussy with florals and lily of the valley does remind me of pensioners (sorry!), but I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s a fresh and fruity floral and not heavy of stuffy at all.  At first it smelt a bit too much of alcohol for me, but it soon dried down and was actually really nice to wear.  I was also impressed with the wear time of the perfume – I could still smell it over 10 hours later.

I do still think that your Nan would like it, but so would your Mum, your sister, your best mate … it is surprisingly lovely.  Also, it’s just £25.00 for the bottle so it won’t break the bank, leaving you with more money for shoes!

Yardley London Poppy Diamond and the rest of The Collection are available to buy from Boots and The Perfume Shop.

* I was sent this item to review.  I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

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