Urban Decay Naked Reloaded

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded

When the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette was announced I don’t think anyone was all that surprised. A couple of months ago UD discontinued the original Naked palette and I think we all knew that they would relaunch an updated version although I didn’t think it would be so soon.

It was the Naked palette that really made Urban Decay the success they are today so it seemed odd that they were discontinuing one of their most popular and iconic products. However, they’re not stupid and they know they have a large fan base who go crazy over new palettes. Whilst this isn’t an exact update of the original Naked, it’s not a million miles away.

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded

For me, I’m not crazy about the packaging. I like the sturdiness of Naked Heat and Naked Cherry and with this being fabric it is probably going to look a hot mess within a few months of use. You also don’t get a brush with this palette and I do like Urban Decay’s brushes, but it’s not the end of the world.

There are 12 all new shades in the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette and if you’re a neutral lover like myself, then you are going to love it. They’re suitable for all skin tones and they really are lovely. The texture of the shadows is velvety and smooth although perhaps a little bit drier than the original Naked, although that could just be me and the fact that everything feels really dry at the moment. Pigment wise I am impressed and all shadows were swatched without a primer. Once I used a primer on my eyes, the colours performed even better.

What I really like is that the 4 outer pans where the neutral base shades are housed are larger than the other pans. These are the shades that you’re going to use the most, regardless of the look you’re going for, so to make these bigger is genius. The shadows all blended well, but I did notice a lot of fallout on the matte shades which was a little disappointing.

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded
Urban Decay Naked Reloaded
Urban Decay Naked Reloaded


Bribe – warm ivory matte

Barely Baked – soft gold metallic

Angel Fire – pale rose gold with iridescent micro shimmer

Retro – bright peach matte

Reputation – deep rose gold with iridescent micro shimmer

Burn – copper / burgundy metallic

End Game – chocolate brown matte

Dreamweaver – cool brown with iridescent 3D sparkle

Distilled – bronze metallic

Bucked – warm brown matte

Boundaries – warm terracotta matte

Blur – light nude matte

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded
Urban Decay Naked Reloaded

One thing that I did notice, and I think several people have picked up on this, is that the warmer tones have a very similar feel to the ABH Sultry palette. They’re not identical, not by a long shot, but there are similarities with quite a few of the shades.

Whilst I do love this palette, I do think Urban Decay have made a mistake by discontinuing the original palette. We loved it and it didn’t need to go. As a fan of neutral shades, I probably didn’t need this palette as there’s nothing new about it, but it is beautiful and I don’t regret buying it at all … even if I do feel like I’ve just fallen for a massive marketing ploy!

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded costs £38.00 and is available to buy here.

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