Treatd By Mintd Box – 2nd Birthday Box*

Treatd By Mintd

This month we really have been Treatd by Mintd Box.  My favourite beauty box has turned 2 (why did I not know about this box back then?), and to celebrate, they’ve curated another amazing box of skincare goodies.

The box has been put together with ‘love and summer vibes” and inside are 4 gorgeous products designed to give you a fresh, dewy face ready for the summer months.  Inside there are 2 products that I’ve used before and love and 2 newbies to my life that I’ve fallen fast and hard for.  I genuinely do not have one bad word to say about this month’s box.

Yes, Mintd Box send me their boxes to review, but you know me … if I don’t like something then I’m not shy about letting you know.  If you’re into your skincare and like luxury products then I cannot recommend Mintd Box more – yes, the price tag is high (£70 a month), but some things are worth paying for.  I’ve yet to come across a product in these boxes that I don’t like and I can be quite fussy when it comes to my skin.

So let’s take a look inside the Treatd by Mintd 2nd birthday box, and see what treats are inside.

Treatd By Mintd


I adore Sunday Riley with a passion, so I’m always pleased to see them inside Mintd Box.  I’ve been using Ceramic Slip for a couple of years and often repurchase it, so I’m pleased to see it included.  When I first tried Ceramic Slip, I was curious as to how well I would get along with a clay formula, but this is nice and gentle, whilst still being extremely effective.

With a mixture of French green clay and rhassoul clay from Morocco, it doesn’t dry out skin out at all and removes makeup, dirt and excess oil easily.  It surprised me when I first used it that the cleanser turns into a gentle foam, and it feels nice and soothing on the skin.

The formula also contains neroli and  Vitamin C, so it has antioxidant properties, as well as black pepper to help give the old circulation a little boost, so it’s great if your complexion is feeling tired and dull.  It also contains Frankincense, which is a wonderful ingredient as it promotes cellular regeneration so your lines and wrinkles appear smoother and your pores appear to be reduced.

Treatd By Mintd


If you’ve never tried this mask then you don’t know what you’re missing.  I first tried it a couple of months ago as there was a small pot of it in a previous Mintd Box and I became obsessed with it, so you can imagine the joy to now have the full size.  It is so so good.

It’s a gorgeous balm that leaves you with skin that looks radiant and with less noticeable lines and wrinkles.  If your complexion is looking dull then whack this on as you’ll instantly see brighter skin that is more even, fresh and youthful looking.

Renaissance Mask is crammed full of skin-loving ingredients, such as nutrients, minerals and vitamins that work together to increase cell turnover as well as reducing the production of melanin.  Apply to dry cleansed skin, relax for 20 minutes and rinse off for skin that looks brand new.

Treatd By Mintd


Despite the fact that I cannot get a good photo of this, I’ve fast become obsessed with this serum after just a few weeks of using it.  I do love Omorovicza, and this is no exception as it is bloody amazing!  I do wish it was cheaper though as this is going to be one habit that I can’t afford to keep up.

Basically, this is Botox in a bottle and if wrinkles are a concern then you need to get this on your face and fast.  The formula embraces the effects of Hungarian thermal baths and their rejuvenating properties and work to relax the facial muscles.  Now if your muscles are nice and relaxed, it’s a damn sight harder for wrinkles to form.  It’s also nice and hydrating, which I love as some serums can just feel a bit too harsh and drying on the skin.

I’ve been using this twice a day since it arrived and I’m definitely starting to see a softening to my lines.  I genuinely think that I may cry when this runs out as it is just incredible.

Treatd By Mintd


The final product in the Treatd by Mintd Box is this lovely little face mist.  I haven’t really tried much from Demamiel but I am obsessed with facial mists, so this is another winner for me.

Whilst it is described as a mist, it is in fact a serum that works as mist.  With essential oils, it helps to repair the skin as well as bringing a calming effect to the body and mind.  It protects the skin for environmental aggressors as well as feeding the skin nourishment and leaving it feeing hydrated.

I’ve been enjoying using this, and it does give a nice dewy effect to the complexion, and I love that.  The aroma helps to calm and it can be used over makeup, on its own … anytime your skin needs a pick-me-up.

Treatd By Mintd

I think it’s safe to say we really have been Treatd by Mintd and here’s to many more years.

Check out last month’s box.

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