The Battle Of The Urban Decay Concealers *

Urban Decay concealers

I’m pretty sure most of us have tried at least one of the Urban Decay concealers by now, but which one is best?  For the longest time the Naked Skin was my holy grail and I still love it (remind me to pick up a new one).  Then they released the All Nighter concealer and the battle was on.

Urban Decay kindly sent me two shades of their new concealer and I’ve been putting it to the test for the last few weeks.  I have tried the All Nighter foundation and I wasn’t a fan.  I found the consistency of it hard to work with and my skin basically hated it, but I was prepared to go in with an open mind when it came to the concealer.

So, I’m going to give you a rundown on the two Urban Decay concealers and let you know which one I prefer.  Now remember that this is my opinion and I’m not saying that you won’t love both of them.  Plus my skin is probably different to your’s, so keep that in mind.

Urban Decay concealers

Urban Decay concealers

When it comes to my base products, I like them to be nice and lightweight.  I hate feeling like I’m caked in makeup so lightweight formulas are a winner with me.  The Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is so nice and light whilst still giving a great level of coverage.  You can build it up as much as you like and it will blend like a dream.  It has a nice demi-matte finish and it really feels like you’re not even wearing concealer.

Every time that I use this I notice an increase in radiance and it also helps to improve the skin’s youthful appearance and elasticity, which you really want once you hit your 30s.  As well as being nice and light, the formula also contains Japanese Green Tea – this helps to revitalise the skin as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines.

I love how well this blends and brightens the under eye area.  At £19.50 it’s not going to break the bank and I fell in love with this from the first use.

Urban Decay concealers

Urban Decay concealers

I was worried about how I would get on with the All Nighter Waterproof Full Coverage Concealer after my total fail with the foundation.  The trick with this concealer is that a little goes a very long way – you don’t want to be slapping this on.  It has a much higher pigment than the Naked Skin so you don’t need to use a lot.  If you’re looking for full coverage – and I do mean full – then you’re going to love this.

You get up to 24 hours coverage with a modern matte finish.  Polymers and humectants give the long-lasting wear and light diffusing pigments give you a soft focus finish.  Whether you want to cover dark circles, spots or even your tattoos, this will do the trick.  I made the mistake when I first used this of putting too much on and it was a bitch to blend.

Initially I actually hated this concealer and it reminded me of everything I hated about the foundation.  However, once I learnt to be very sparing with it, we started to get along.

Urban Decay concealers

Overall, for me, the Naked Skin still impresses me the most.  I’m always going to favour the lighter formula and I don’t really need a full coverage concealer thankfully.  However, if you have more to cover then you’re going to want the All Nighter.

You can pick up both concealers at Urban Decay as well as other retailers.


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