Drunk Elephant The Littles

Drunk Elephant The Littles

I’ve been putting the Drunk Elephant The Littles to the test for the past month and I think it’s only right to share my thoughts.  I got very excited when it was announced that Drunk Elephant would be available in the UK, and Mick got me the set for my birthday last month.

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Pestle & Mortar Skincare – Is It Any Good? *

Pestle & Mortar

Skincare excites me more than it probably should and I love finding new (to me) brands to try out.  Pestle & Mortar contacted me a while ago on Instagram asking me if I wanted to test out some of their products and I’m so glad that I said yes.

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Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream *

Saturday Skin Waterfall

Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream has yet to hit UK stores (it is available in the US on the Saturday Skin website and Sephora), but I have the lowdown ready for when it is available here.

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Jurlique – What Should You Try? *


Jurlique are a brand that I’ve heard lots about but until recently I had only ever tried a couple of things from then.  Now I am well and truly on the bandwagon and have three products that you definitely need to try.

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Top Picks From Filorga Skincare *


I seem to spend my life testing skincare, but when it’s Filorga I really don’t mind.

Now I’ve had these products for a few months now and have been putting them through their paces so I feel like I’ve had time to form a true opinion of them.

I’ve had a few bits from Filorga before and have always enjoyed using their products, so I was excited to put these to the test.  If you’re not familiar with Filorga then you can pick up their products at M&S, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.  I’d highly recommend that you give them a try … these guys know skincare.


The Filorga Time Flash Express Smoothing Active Primer is a joy to use.

It contains lift and blur technology so you can rest assured that any texture or pores will be blurred and softened.  A tightening film is forms on the skin’s surface and your fine lines are smoothed away – I always notice a huge difference whenever I use this, so if lines are an issue for you, then give this a try.

The real magic of this product is the 4 main active ingredients that deal with all manner of wrinkles – this is where Filorga’s skincare expertise really shines through.

GLUCONOLACTONE – works on surface wrinkles by acting like a peel to resurface the skin.

HEXAPEPTIDE – works on contraction wrinkles and acts in a similar way to Botox to help relax expression lines.

HYALURONIC ACID BOOSTER – tackles dry skin wrinkles by capturing water at the heart of the tissue.

COLLAGEN & NCTF BOOSTER – deal with wrinkles caused through the skin sagging by toning and supporting the skin.

As I get older, I notice I need some lifting with my skin, so the Lift Designer is ideal for me.

It’s an ultra-lifting treatment that provides the skin with some intensive tightening.  I’ve been aware recently that I’m getting some sagging around the chin and neck area, so I’ve been applying this religiously and I am starting to see the benefits.

The serum contains active ingredients that you’d find in cosmetic procedures so it’s great if you’re looking for some serious anti-ageing properties without having needles and scalpels shoved in your face.

A combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen (Plasmatic Lifting Factors) work together to tighten, sculpt and plump up any sagging features and your features look smoother and re-contoured.  I’m definitely going to keep using this!


One of my favourite products that I’ve been testing is the Oxygen Peel.

This is an effective product but still gentle enough to use every day – I prefer to use it in the evening as it does make my skin tingle a little bit when I first apply it.  We all live busy lives and come into contact with a lot of things that our skin just doesn’t like, such as pollution and stress.  This results in a lack of oxygen reaching the skin and a dull-looking complexion.

Now when you think of micro-peels, you might think of something harsh, but this really isn’t.  It definitely works and you do see an improvement quickly, but your skin feels soft and smooth.

It contains a blend of acids that act like a micro-peel and gently exfoliate and smooth your wrinkles and pores, whilst hyaluronic acid helps to rehydrate and plump the skin.  Finally, bio-active oxygen sensors help to promote the deoxygenation of the skin’s cells to leave you with a radiant complexion.


The Lift Structure cream might be pricey but it seriously works!

I like creams that help to firm the skin, especially as I get older, so this is perfect for me.  It contains Plasmatic Lift factors that help to visibly tighten the facial features as well as plumping and sculpting the skin.

Lift Structure uses biotechnology and contains two botanical actives that help to leave the skin stimulated whilst restoring the tone and firmness.

Your skin really does feel tighter and lifted, but not in an uncomfortable way – anyone who is starting to take anti-ageing seriously needs to get their hands on this.

You can use it day and night, or you can use the Sleep & Lift at night instead.

It works the same as the Lift Structure except it contains an amino acid duo to regenerate the skin and restore the elasticity as you sleep.

You can’t go wrong with either of these creams – use both of them and you’ll soon be singing Cher songs and turning back time.

So if you haven’t tried any of these beauties yet, you really need to!

* Contains PR samples.  All opinions are my own.  Some links may be Affiliate Links.