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Sunday Riley Saturn

Hello Bunnies!

Saturn from Sunday Riley may not be available here in the UK yet, but fingers crossed it will be soon.  Anyone who suffers from acne, blocked pores or blemishes needs this in their life.

Sunday Riley Saturn

Sunday Riley Saturn

Saturn is not joking when it comes to dealing with acne.  It is fast-acting, medicated and contains 10% sulfer in order to treat acne.  Whilst I don’t suffer from acne, I do get blemishes and my pores can get blocked easily.  Saturn deals with that like it’s not even a problem.

Whether you suffer from blocked pores like I do, or inflammatory acne, hormonal acne or acne rosacea, this mask has got you covered.  When I saw that it was medicated, I was a bit worried that it might be too much for my skin, but there’s been no problems.  Since my hysterectomy and the subsequent menopause, I do find I get more spots and blemishes.  Now I know that these are nothing compared to acne, but they do annoy me.

I’ve recently been under a lot of stress and have been very rundown and this has shown in my skin.  There have been a lot more blemishes and more oiliness than normal.  Whilst other products have improved the situation, nothing has truly dealt with it.  Until now.

Sunday Riley Saturn

Sunday Riley Saturn

Sunday Riley Saturn

Now I’m not going to lie Bunnies, there’s some science bits coming up that fly straight over my head.  I’m no Caroline Hirons and skincare isn’t my speciality, but I’m guessing the ingredients are fancy.  Your guess is as good as mine though to be honest!

So … the main ingredients, as well as the sulfur (the English person here really wants to type sulphur), are:

* 4% niacinamide to promote clear skin and boost radiance.

* Zinc PCA & Bentonite Clay to clear impurities, reduce oil & soothe surface redness.

* Highly potent Tea Tree Oil & Manuka Oil to purify the skin for a smooth & clear complexion.

You definitely do notice that your pores are clearer, and the oil I’ve been experiencing has been massively reduced.  All of my blemishes have cleared up and my skin looks brighter and healthier.  I can see this becoming a staple when my skin is bad.

I tend to put this on for about 20 minutes after cleansing before rinsing off.  Afterwards, I like to use UFO for added clarity and even better results.  If your skin is really bad, you can use this as an overnight treatment too.  It really is a Godsend and I hope it comes to the UK very soon.

For now, Saturn is available at Sephora for $55.00 (worth every penny).

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