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Saturday Skin

Saturday Skin are a South Korean / American skincare brand that is so cute to look at that you’re going to want to fill your bathroom with it all.  They’re available in the UK on Cult Beauty, so we get to indulge in the pretty pinkness and have gorgeous skin.

As I approach 36 (how did I get so old?), I’m finding that skincare is becoming more important to me than makeup and I love finding brands that work for me.  I’d seen Saturday Skin knocking around on Instagram but didn’t know too much about them.  Luckily, one of my followers works for them and she kindly sent me over a few bits to try.

Yes the products certainly look pretty, but they really work too.  I’ve been noticing a big improvement in my skin since using these and I’m very impressed.  In this post I am going to give you a quick run through of the products that I have been using.

Saturday Skin


The joy of receiving a box full of sheet masks is something only a skincare addict will understand.  I’ve tried many many sheet masks, and these are up there with my favourites.  This is an ultra-light bio-cellulose mask that contains liquorice, bilberry and lotus extracts.  These infuse your complexion and help to get rid of any dark spots you have, add hydration and leave you with a nice bright and radiant complexion.  The masks also stay on your face really well, which isn’t always a given in the sheet mask world.  I like to use these when I need a quick fix for a dull complexion.

Saturday Skin


Eye cream is becoming such an important part of my skincare routine as I still want to look young, even if my birth certificate tells another story.  Wide Awake contains a variety of fruit extracts and date seed extract to help illuminate the under eye area, as well as leaving it feeling lifted and firmer.  It has a nice and lightweight formula and it’s perfect for reducing that awful puffiness we get when we wake up.  My under eye area is looking brighter and definitely feels firmer, so this is definitely going to continue to be part of my routine.

Saturday Skin


I am partial to a good peel, so I was excited when I saw this.  It gently exfoliates the skin and removes any impurities that you might have to leave your complexion looking brighter and firmer.  With natural papaya and pineapple enzymes, it’s not harsh on your skin and is ideal for if your complexion is looking a bit dull or red.  My skin feels like the elasticity has improved since using this and the texture feels so much better.  You only need to use it once or twice a week and you see the results quite quickly.

Saturday Skin


I have fallen hard and fast for this.  It is so lightweight but super effective – your skin feels amazing after using this.  You see an improvement in the plumpness of your face,  your fine lines appear reduced and it feels so nice and moisturised.  This has been a real winner in the hot weather as I don’t want to put anything too rich or heavy on my skin, so this has been ideal.  Plus it contains avocado and what blogger doesn’t love that?  Admittedly I only really like it in guacamole, but I don’t mind it in my skincare either.

Saturday Skin


For me, using a good cleanser is important as it’s the start of your routine – it’s like the foundation of your skincare so you want to use a good one.  This is rich and creamy and turns into a nice foam and your makeup and general grime is easily washed away.  It contains apple, peach and citrus fruit extracts so is nice and refreshing on the face and it even helps to minimise your pores.  I like how it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or stripped and I really like using this.

Saturday Skin


If facial mists didn’t exist then I would actually be devastated.  Ladies of a certain age, or anyone who’s had a hysterectomy, will understand what I mean when I say that they are easily my most used item, especially when it is hot.  It works as toner, which is wonderful, but it’s mostly as a hydrating mist that I have been using it.  Full of fruit extracts, it adds hydration and moisture to the face nice and easily, and it is refreshing as hell.  I could talk to you about all the skincare benefits of this mist, which I love, but the fact that it refreshes and leaves my skin feeling alive is all that has really mattered to me recently.  Can you tell that I am just not a fan of the heat?

Saturday Skin


Featherweight is another moisturising beauty, and even though it is nice and light, it still delivers a lot of moisture to the skin.  After using this, your complexion is hydrated, moisturised, soft and glowing and I absolutely love it.  It increases collagen and elastin production at the same time as reducing melanin production and your complexion looks flawless.  I have adored using this and it will definitely have to stock up.

I know this hasn’t been too in-depth, but the best way is really to head on over to Cult Beauty and try Saturday Skin for yourself.  My skin has been so good since using these and I definitely want to try more from them.

Saturday Skin

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