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Privè Pure Silk Eye Mask

A Privé Pure Silk Eye Mask sounds kind of fancy doesn’t it?  Well it kind of is.  I love eye masks for bedtime, but my favourites have always been silk ones.  To me it’s like having a little bit of luxury my eyes and makes me feel like a bit of a grown up … admittedly at 36 I should already feel like this but hey ho.

The Nice Cream Company have a wide selection of products and they were kind enough to send me one of their Privè Pure Silk Eye Masks.  From the gorgeous packaging in a classy cream box, to the luxurious feel of the silk, this is one of the nicest masks that I’ve ever tried.

As a child and a teenager, I hated having my bedroom dark … there always had to be some slither of light somewhere.  Then in my 20s and now into my 30s, I prefer no light to interrupt my slumber.  I’m a bad sleeper as it is, so anything that helps me get at least a few hours sleep is much appreciated.

As well as blocking out light, silk eye masks help to keep moisture close to the skin which in turn stops your eyes from drying out throughout the night.  This also helps to reduce dark circles and the signs of ageing around the eye area.  I do also have a silk pillowcase, although I really need to get a new one, and combination of silk on my eyes and silk under my head is rather wonderful.

Privè Pure Silk Eye Mask

Privè Pure Silk Eye Mask

The Nice Cream Company Privè Pure Silk Eye Mask costs £45.00 and is available in a range of beautiful shoes (my one is in Golden Beige).  They are made from pure 25 momme Mulberry Silk with silk filler.  They use non-toxic dyes and 6A highest grade Mulberry Silk, so you know that you are getting a high quality product.

So now I can snooze away whilst feeling a little bit like a princess and what girl doesn’t want to feel like a princess?

You can buy a Privè Pure Silk Eye Mask here.

Privè Pure Silk Eye Mask

* I was kindly gifted this product to review.  I did not receive payment for this post.

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