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Collect Plus

The gorgeous ladies over at Collect Plus have informed me that 19th July is #nomakeupday – there’s literally a day for everything! With the recent heat, I’ve barely been wearing makeup, but I still want that glow that I love so much.

Nobody wants dull looking skin, and whilst on a normal day we can just use an illuminator, highlight or strobe cream, what do we do when we can’t reach for the makeup?

Luckily, we don’t need to panic as there are so many skincare products out there that can give us a glowing complexion and I’m here to share a few of these with you.  All items are available to buy on retailers used by Collect Plus who I have partnered up with for this post.  You can shop from a number of your favourite retailers and choose to have your parcels sent to a collection point close to you – ideal if you’re out at work all day but don’t want to miss a parcel.

So, let’s jump in and hopefully you’ll find the product of your dreams to make your skin glow on the days when makeup just isn’t an option.

Collect Plus


There aren’t enough words in the English language for how much I love this stuff.  It’s a cleanser, a mask and a balm and it has saved my skin on many an occasion.  With a cream to oil balm-like formula, packed full of vitamins and floral extracts, it leaves you with the softest skin and a gorgeous dewy finish.  As well as removing dirt, and regenerating the skin, the addition of vitamins A, C and E help to bring your complexion back to life.  It is so versatile and perfect if you like to have a good pamper with products that feel a little bit luxurious.  Trust me, you need this in your life and your skin will thank you for it.


Some toners can be too harsh and drying on the skin, but this is a beauty and if you want a product to help brighten your skin, then you can’t go wrong.  I have been using this for years and always return to it.  It is non-drying with a delicate floral scent, and it really does feel like a tonic for the skin.  With natural ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera and calendula, as well as vitamin E, your skin is left feeling refreshed and looking brighter.


There are many mornings where I wake up and my complexion just feels a bit … meh.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  Now you can’t have a beautiful glowing complexion with meh skin, so this is when you pull out this beauty.  It freshens, tones and hydrates the skin and instantly makes it feel more alive. Think of it as giving your skin an energy shot as soon as you wake up – you really will see a more radiant effect and banish that meh feeling.

Collect Plus


This is a wonder serum – it is so good.  It fights against the daily aggressors that our skin can face and leaves it with a beautiful healthy glow (as well as smoothing out your wrinkles).  It has a lovely light texture and is crammed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants to help tackle wrinkles, reinforce the skin’s defence system and boost the tone of the skin.  I can always tell a difference when I’ve used this – I definitely look more radiant and my complexion looks healthier.  If you want that glow and are looking for a new serum, then grab yourself one of these.


Ladies, welcome to my holy grail of the face mask world.  We all know that Charlotte Tilbury can do no wrong in my eyes, and with good reason.  This mask is just amazing.  Some clay masks can be so drying on the skin, but this is magical.  It leaves your skin feeling moisturised and with a noticeable dewy glow thanks to a BioNymph Peptide Complex (no, I don’t really know what that is – my GCSE Science didn’t cover the beauty world, but it sounds fancy).  Seriously, I never knew a clay mask could be hydrating until I tried this and the difference it makes to my skin is amazing.  There’s a reason why I use this once a week and have done for almost 3 years.

Collect Plus


Having no makeup on doesn’t mean you can’t have a glowing base, and this moisturiser definitely adds more radiance to your complexion.  It hydrates, energises and protects the skin and it feels so refreshed thanks to the antioxidant-rich Mangosteen.  This is one I always reach for if my skin is feeling a bit dull and lifeless and it never fails to perk it up and give it a boost.


Yes, another Charlotte Tilbury product, but she really does know her stuff when it comes to giving your skin a lit-from-within glow.  In my eyes, tinted moisturiser is not makeup, it’s still skincare, but it’s a great alternative to foundation.  This contains natural tan pigments that give your skin a natural hint of colour, as well as ingredients that mimic the lipids in your skin.  It morphs to your skin tone and leaves you with a very natural looking glow, as well as a bit of colour to your complexion.


I like to give plenty of options, so we’ll finish with a final tinted moisturiser.  This is beautiful and lightweight and perfects your complexion.  I tend to wear this a lot more than foundation at the moment, especially when it’s hot outside.  It leaves your complexion looking smoother, hydrated and beautifully dewy.  The natural ingredients work together to make your skin look so much better.  I’d still probably use your daily moisturiser underneath this, but it is a great alternative for foundation if you still want a radiant complexion.

So there we have it – you don’t need makeup to have glowing skin.  On 19th July, let’s embrace our glow and ditch the makeup … for one day anyway.

* This post has been paid for by Collect Plus.  All views are my own, and I used products that I already own, although some of these have been sent as PR from other companies.

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