Mor Rosa Noir Soy Candle * Gifted

Mor Rosa Noir

The Mor Rosa Noir soy candle is the newest addition to my rather large candle collection.  I am a candle addict and I’m not sorry.  I’ve had one of the Mor candles before and really liked it, so I had an idea of what to expect from this one.

Love is definitely in the air this week, and whilst I’m not always a fan of rose scents, I do make exceptions for Valentine’s Day.  I’ve surprised myself recently by starting to embrace the smell of roses more and I’ve even got a rose candle burning as I type this.  Maybe my tastes are changing or maybe companies just make nicer scents now.  They definitely smell more sophisticated now and less like your Nan.

Mor Rosa Noir

Mor Rosa Noir

Wild romance flourishes as entanglements of dewy Ivy Leaves flirt with floral accords of Freesia and Petitgrain.  Hypnotic heart notes of Rose, Carnation and Lily of the Valley fall in love upon a fragrant chaise of sultry Sandalwood, tantalising Tonka Bean and mysterious Musk.  Fascinating and feminine, seduce your senses.

The Mor Rosa Noir candle is made of ruby soy wax which gives a cleaner and longer burn than traditional candle wax.  It is housed in a gorgeous black hobnail glass jar and the lid (which acts as a snuffer), has a roseate tassel.  I do like candles that also look like ornaments, and now I have two if the jars, I’m already thinking of a way to display them nicely.  The wick is 100% cotton and lead-free and you can expect a burn time of around 50 hours.  The scent throw is nice and soft, so if overpowering scents aren’t for you then you will love this.

Mor Rosa Noir

Mor Rosa Noir

Scent Notes



Ivy Leaves





Lily of the Valley



Tonka Bean


I like this candle a lot.  The rose scent isn’t overpowering and it is undeniably pretty.  You can buy the Mor Rosa Noir soy candle for £27.00 from Feel Unique.

* This product was gifted to me.  I have not been paid for this post.

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