Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Candle

Morning Bunnies!

We all know that I love candles like Katie Price loves wedding cake, so when I opened this on Christmas morning, I was a very happy Bunny.  Over the last year, I have developed a real love for Molton Brown, and their Pink Pepperpod range is one of my favourites, so to have the candle is just so lovely.

I always forget that they do candles, so I’m very happy to finally be trying one.  This could be the start of a slippery slope for my bank balance … oh well lol.

The candle is a single wick candles, but it looks a good size (similar in size to Jo Malone or Diptyque), so I am expecting quite a decent burn time out of this.  I personally love the bright pink glass jar that it comes in, although I have seen some people saying that it looks tacky … I disagree.  I love the pop of pink and it adds a nice splash of colour to my very monochrome bedroom.

The scent of this is beautifully spicy, but still feminine.  That is why I love the Pink Pepperpod range, as I love spicy fragrances, but I don’t want them to smell too masculine.  It’s indulgent and exotic and fills the room with the most beautiful scent.


Fiery Pink Pepperpods




Rich Patchouli

I also like the fact that they use ingredients from England, so it feels like you’re supporting more local suppliers … plus, you can’t beat a bit of England.

This truly is a beautiful candle and it smells so good.  I’ve now got my eye on a few of the other candles from Molton Brown.

The Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Candle costs £36.00 and is available online and in store.

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