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Mintd x Oskia

The Mintd x Oskia collaboration got me far more excited than is probably normal for a 35 year old woman.  When Mintd emailed me telling me about the box, I pretty much clapped my hands with pure glee. I love Mintd Box and I’m falling fast and hard for Oskia, so this is a dream collaboration.

We have collaborated with the pioneers in clinical nutritional skincare, subscriber’s favourite and all around skincare extraordinaire; Oskia.  Packed full of omegas, proteins, minerals and vitamins, Oskia’s range delivers a whole host of benefits to your skin.

With a box value of £165.00 not only is the Mintd x Oskia box amazing value for money, considering the subscription cost if £70.00, but it’s also the perfect way to introduce Oskia into your life if you’ve never tried the brand before.  I’ve had this box for around a month now (I get sent it early), and the Oskia obsession is real.  Prior to this box, I had only tried a couple of their products, so it’s been a real pleasure getting to know more of the range.

Mintd x Oskia


My cleanser collection is ridiculous.  There are so many in my bathroom that I’m pretty much stocked up of months and months on end, so I wasn’t looking to fall in love with a new one.  However, I’m not one to turn away good skincare, so I’ve been using this for the past few weeks and it is amazing.

It is a gel to oil cleanser that illuminates the skin, removes makeup and impurities, strengthens the skin and leaves it feeling firmer and revitalised.  I love products that leave my skin looking brighter and this does it perfectly.  It feels nice and gentle on the skin, yet is extremely effective.  All of my makeup and any dirt from the day is easily removed and the addition of vitamins and fruit enzymes work to remove any dead skin cells as well as enhancing the production of collagen, which when you’re in your mid-30s is always a good thing.

 You just massage the cleanser onto dry skin, and it will start as a rich pink balm.  Then add a little bit of water to emulsify the balm into a white milky texture and rinse away.

Mintd x Oskia

SUPER 16 PRO-COLLAGEN SERUM – £85.00 (Full Size)

When a product is pricey there’s always a part of me that hopes I will hate it as my bank balance is crap, but sorry Mr Bank Manager, this is bloody brilliant and will need to be a regular purchase.  Don’t blame me, but I’m a sucker for a good serum.  It targets and minimises the wrinkles that are the bane of my life, as well as dark spot and fine lines.  You’re left with more radiant looking skin thanks to the mix of 16 super nutrients.

The main ingredient of the serum is Bakuchiol which is basically a natural version of retinol and doesn’t have the side effects that retinol can have. If you’ve got skin that is a bit too sensitive for retinol, then this is well worth giving a go.  I like lightweight serums and this is lightweight and gentle, and it improves skin elasticity, repairs the skin, and helps to soothe skin that has been irritated or damaged by the sun.

I love how radiant it leaves my skin looking and any uneven skin tone is evened out like a dream.  Use morning and night before your moisturiser or any oils and you’ll look like you’ve got new skin.

Mintd x Oskia

RENAISSANCE 360 MOISTURISER – £18.00 (Super Deluxe Size)

I’d never tried an Oskia moisturiser, so this has been lovely to try out.  If your focus is on anti-ageing, then this is one to consider.  It is quite a rich cream, but now summer has disappeared that’s not a bad thing as I’m putting the lightweight summer moisturisers away.

It is full of vitamins and plant extracts to help improve your facial contour, rebuild your skin health, tackle pigmentation and uneven skin tone, and nourish dry and dull-looking skin.  As with the previous products, it helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and tackle the wrinkles and fine lines.

The formula also contains fortifying actives and SPF 8, so as well as providing the skin with moisture, it will help to minimise any skin damage you might have thanks to free radical fighting antioxidants.    I’ve been using this in the mornings and I’ve found I need to give it a good 10 minutes to absorb and sink in before I can apply makeup, but my skin has been feeling so good since using it.

Mintd x Oskia

RESTORATIVE OIL – £18.00 (Super Deluxe Size)

Facial oils are my thing – I have a drawer full of all different ones and I love them.  The Restorative Oil is nice and gentle and works to repair skin that has been damaged, and leaves it feeling firm and smooth and looking radiant.

Whether your skin is battling the effects of pollution, the sun or simply the ageing process, then you need to try this oil.  The high-tech active ingredients restore the skin’s youthfulness and leave your skin feeling soothed and hydrated.  If your skin is irritated then the plant oils will help to ease the discomfort and the turmeric will give you that gorgeous glow we all love.

I’ve been using 2 drops of this morning and night after cleansing my skin and I have absolutely loved it.  It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or oily.

Mintd x Oskia

RENAISSANCE MASK – £13.00 (Super Deluxe Size)

 Oh I love this mask so much and luckily for me, and my bank balance, it pops up in Mintd Box quite regularly.  Recently the full size was in a previous box, but I like having these smaller pots for taking away with me.  If you’ve never tried this mask then you really need to.

The mask has a rich, smooth balm texture that leaves you with radiant looking skin, and wrinkles that are noticeably less visible.  Cell turnover is enhanced thanks to nutrients, minerals and vitamins and melanin production is reduced to even out and brighten your complexion.  I like to use this twice a week, especially if my skin is looking a little dull as it is the perfect pick me up for the complexion.

The mask applies as a pink colour, but after massaging into dry, cleansed skin, it should turn white providing that you have massaged it properly to activate the ingredients.  I leave it on for 20 minutes and then add a little water before massaging again to turn it into a milky texture.  This helps to activate the second phase of the mask and then you can rinse off with warm water.

Once again Mintd have come up with an incredible box that is a must have for any skincare junkie like myself.  Collaborating with Oskia was a genius idea and I look forward to more collaborations in the future … Sunday Riley would be an amazing one.  Oh please make that happen Mintd Box.

To get your hands on the Mintd x Oskia box, click here.

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