Mintd Box Skincare Resolutions *

Mintd Box Skincare Resolutions

I barely made any New Year’s resolutions, (I never do as I have the willpower of a gnat), but I did promise myself that I would look after my skin more.  Luckily I’m now armed with the Mintd Box Skincare Resolutions to kickstart my stricter skincare regime.

Year after year we utter the phrase ‘New Year, New Me’ and eyes roll but without realising it each year we manifest in new ways, equipped with more knowledge about the world and ourselves.

So this New Year will deliver a new you and we are here to provide you with the necessary tools to make January a month of beauty.  Start as you mean to go on with Mintd.

We all know that Mintd Box is one of my most favourite things ever, and they’ve started 2019 with one hell of a bang.

Mintd Box Skincare Resolutions

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

First up we have my favourite skincare brand – I bloody love Sunday Riley and I’m so happy to have a bigger version of the C.E.O. Serum (I’ve only had really small samples before).  The C.E.O. range is incredible and I love the products, so the box is already off to an amazing start.

The serum works super fast, absorbing into the skin quickly thanks to the high potency of the ingredients.  Vitamin C and essential ingredients help to enhance your complexion and it works to minimise the appearance of hyper pigmentation.  It also works against multiple signs of ageing – dehydration, wrinkles, sensitivity, dullness, and uneven tone and premature fine lines (the bane of my life at the moment).  You’re also left with a brighter, more radiant complexion.  I promise you that you will love this!

Mintd Box Skincare Resolutions

Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream

I love it when Mintd Box include Omorovicza and this month they’ve truly spoilt us – this night cream costs £110!!  Omorovicza are a lovely brand with gorgeous products so I was excited to put this beauty to the test.

This is quite possibly the thickest and most buttery night cream that I have ever tried – it feels like pure luxury as soon as you put it on your skin and we all know how much I love my luxury.  Designed to help dry skin restore and hydrate overnight, it is nice and soothing and works like a dream.  It contains hazelnut peptides which help the skin to look plump and firm meaning your wrinkles and lines are less noticeable.

The list of ingredients is nice and healthy, so perfect for the New Year when we all like to think that we’re going to be green goddesses for the year.  Apple pectin helps to the skin to hydrate and retain moisture, plum almond oil works to protect the skin against free radical aggressors, and wild carrot boosts collagen.  You’ll wake up in the morning with a toned, nourished and glowing complexion.

Mintd Box Skincare Resolutions

APA Beauty Lip Loofah

I live in the North and it is getting bloody cold – so so cold.  Whenever the cold weather hits, my lips suffer and I have to up my game with lip care.  It’s like my pals at Mintd knew this because they’ve included one of the nicest lip scrubs that I’ve ever tried.

Derived from sweet almond seeds and sugar, the lip loofah buffs away the dull skin from your lips to leave them looking smoother and healthier.  It contains jojoba oil, orange peel and shea butter to help condition your lips as well as soothing them and helping them to retain moisture.

You only need to use a small amount so I’m hoping this pot will last me throughout the worst of the cold weather.

Mintd Box Skincare Resolutions

Su-Man Skincare Refining Facial Polish

This has been in Mintd before and it’s a really nice facial polish. I need to remember to exfoliate more, and at the moment my skin can tend to look dull (this girl is in serious need of vitamin D and some warmth!).

The polish contains watermelon and gingko biloba leaf extracts that work to gently smooth away dry and dull skin.  It also works to fight free radical as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.  Vitamin-rich enzymes promote cell regeneration which you need when you get to my age.  The main ingredient is watermelon extract which is perfect for natural exfoliation thanks to vitamins A and C, potassium and magic acid.  The watermelon gently exfoliates the skin at the same time as controlling oil production and leaving the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

If you don’t like harsh exfoliants, then this is ideal for you.  It doesn’t irritate the skin or leave it feeling like it’s been attacked with a piece of sandpaper!

For a box that costs £70.00, you’re getting amazing value and gorgeous products that are ideal for getting your skin ready for the year ahead.

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