A Mintd Box Love Letter – Unboxing *

Mintd Box - Love Letter

It’s my favourite time of the month … it’s time for Mintd Box.  As it’s February and the month of lurve, this month’s theme is A Love Letter To You.  Now we all know how much I love this box and this company, so I feel like I should write a love letter to them.  I won’t though … instead I’ll tell you what delights are in February’s box.

Roses are red, violets are blue.  Reward yourself with something simply indulgent this Valentines with love from Mintd to you.

Now your monthly subscription is £70.00, but before you wince, this month’s box is worth £177.00 and contains a gorgeous selection of products.  You get either full size or deluxe size products so there’s no stingy samples here.  I adore this box and I’m excited to show you what’s inside.

Mintd Box - Love Letter


It’s a struggle sometimes to find balance.  Life’s demands make it hard to manage stress levels, adrenal exhaustion can cause anxiety levels to soar.  If you’re feeling frazzled and overwhelmed and your inner calm has disappeared, take some aromatic refuge with this restorative elixir that will help you regain your inner serenity.  Whether smoothed onto your body after a shower or as a ‘me time’ soak, create a much needed oasis of calm and solace.

I’ve heard good things about Therapie and I adore baths and relaxation time, so this was an instant winner with me.  Personally I prefer adding a cap full to my bath as it’s running, but it is lovely applied directly to the body.  I did find it calming and soothing, especially as life is a little bit stressful at the moment.  It’s nice to take a little bit of time to relax and unwind.

Full Size – £42.00

Mintd Box - Love Letter


Cocolux is created to capture the essence of nature and raw luxury.  Each candle is clean burning, with a pure cotton wick and is infused with a hint of the finest fragrance.  Like a walk through the woods on a fresh, dewy morning, this earthy, androgynous aroma features strong, masculine citrus and intense fern-like notes.  This strong, rich base is gently complimented by the uplifting top notes of perennial floral and Lily of the Valley.

Candles are amongst my favourite things, so thankyou Mintd Box.  This is gorgeous and I adore the scent.  I like that this is completely natural and it gives off a good scent throw.  My only negative is that I know I’m going to finish this quickly as it smells so good.

Super Deluxe Size – £20.00 (Full Size retails at £56.00)

Mintd Box - Love Letter


Revive and nourish dry lips with this cooling and plumping lip balm.  With shea butter, eucalyptus oil and hyaluronic spheres, this gently tingling balm leaves lips feeling fuller, softer and smoother.

I’m really starting to develop a strong love for Omorovicza, so I’m more than happy to have something more from them to try.    Lip balms are featuring heavily in beauty boxes at the moment and I’m not complaining.  It seems to be getting colder and colder here and my lips are paying the price.  This instantly smoothes the lips, plumps lips and provides long-lasting hydration.  My lips do look a little plumper when I’ve applied this and I love how soft it makes them feel.

Full Size – £32.00

Mintd Box - Love Letter


Esthechoc is a food supplement in the form of 72.6% dark chocolate and the world’s first nutricosmetic with a strong, scientifically proven impact on the metabolism of ageing skin.  A combination of highly potent active substances: Astaxanthin (the most powerful antioxidant known to science) and Cocoa polyphenolic epicatechins (found naturally in chocolate).  Unique micellar technology used during production of estechoc makes these actives bioavailable.

Now normally I’m really not a fan of supplements in beauty boxes, but dammit this is chocolate!  Ok, so I still feel a bit weird about modified foods and I’m still a bit dubious over how beneficial this can really be, but it’s chocolate!  You eat one a day, which for a chocolate lover may seem a bit stingy, but it’s no Cadbury’s, so one piece is enough.  I’m really on the fence with this one.

Super Deluxe Size – £4.00 (Full Size retails at £43.00)

Mintd Box - Love Letter


Slipsilk anti-ageing, anti sleep crease, anti bed head pure silk pillowcase.  We spend a third of our lives in bed.  By the time we are 60, we will have slept for an average of 20 years.  Slipsilk is specially-commissioned and made to our exacting standards, developed and refined over ten years to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability.  We use the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme end enforce the strictest quality guidelines, including non-toxic dyes.

 Cotton grabs your hair and twists it at the root throughout the night, damaging hair and causing bed-head in the morning, whereas Slipsilk is so gentle on your hair, it allows your hairstyle / blow-dry to last overnight.  Slipsilk is a natural fibre, whereas synthetic satin is rougher, thinner and ‘sweats’, essentially negating the benefits.

So I saved the best until last and would like to take a moment to bow down at the knees of Mintd Box.  I’ve wanted a silk pillowcase for so long, but they’re expensive.  The cost of one of these is more than the cost of this entire box, so I’m so so happy that there’s one in this month’s box.  My hair loves to getting all knotty and frizzy as I sleep but it has definitely been much sleeker since I’ve been using this.  My only problem is that I now need a second one so that the bed doesn’t look uneven!

Full Size – £79.00

I have to say that I’m in love with the Mintd Box Love Letter.  It’s a lovely selection of products and worth every penny of your subscription.

To subscribe to Mintd Box, click here.

Check out last month’s box that is now available to buy on the Mintd Gift Shop.


* Contains PR sample

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