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Mintd Box Explore Edit

The Mintd Box Explore Edit has arrived and with over £187.00 worth of products inside, it’s a real crowd pleaser this month.  The products are perfect for if you’re going away and are limited on luggage space.  No-one wants to go on holiday without their skincare but you don’t want to be cramming products into your case … now you don’t need to wory, as these are all ideal for you travelling needs.

The subscription cost is £70.00 a month and you get 4 full size or super deluxe size treats as well as being introduced to brands you may have never tried before.  I genuinely adore Mintd Box and feel very lucky to get to review this box each month.  If you’re a skincare addict, then this is the subscription you need in your life.

So what goodies do we have in the Mintd Box Explore Edit this month?

Mintd Box Explore Edit

I love a good eye mask – whether for on the plane or because you went in a bit too hard on the sangria, they’re perfect for blocking out light and letting you get some much needed sleep.

This silk eye mask from Stephie Ann is beautiful with a pretty purple design and it is also infused with lavender so you should sleep like a baby.  It’s comfortable to wear and has been helping greatly with my sleep.

Mintd Box Explore Edit

I know that makeup wipes are frowned upon, but I think they’re a must for when you’re going on holiday.  Skin Laundry are a lovely brand, so we can forgive these for being wipes … sorry, cleansing cloths.

They wipe away makeup, dirt and any oil in one easy step, dissolving the nasties on your skin quickly.  You are left with clean and fresh skin that feels purified and free of the day’s grime.  Of course, we’d all prefer to do a proper cleanse, but who wants to try take all their cleansers away with them?  Sometimes, wipes have their place.

Mintd Box Explore Edit

Mindful Traveller from OM Skincare is the ultimate in convince products with a moisturiser and a cleanser housed in a slim tube that can easily fit into your handbag, let alone your luggage.

On one end there is the Pure Glow Cleanser that also works as a makeup remover and a deep cleansing treatment.  It is gentle and deeply nourishing and all you need for your break away (especially if you’re not a fan of relying on wipes).  At the other end there is the Radiance Moisturiser that’s nice and lightweight and combats ageing as well as improving the tone and texture of your skin.  You are left with a radiant glow and a beautifully moisturised complexion.

Mintd Box Explore Edit

What could be better than a travel size deodorant for a few days away?  This is the Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus deodorant that apparently has a bit of a cult status.

It contains no alcohol or aluminium and has both eucalyptus and citronellyl that help to keep your underarms fresh and odour free.  It leaves behind no residue or staining, so you can be assured that you’re going to stay fresh all day without worrying about ruining your clothes.  After two weeks of use, your body adjusts and your pores become unclogged, allowing your body to reach its natural equilibrium.

Mintd Box Explore Edit

Another multi-use product included in the Mintd Box Explore Edit is this Eye & Lip Balm from Oskia.  I love Oskia, so this gets a big tick from me.

It has been formulated to protect the eye and lip areas from the harmful effects of pollutants, providing antioxidant protection as well as reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sun damage.  The formal contains avocado oil, vitamins A and E, and also Collageneer which soothes the skin.  This is a handy little product to keep on you home and away.

Mintd Box Explore Edit

The final product is the Omorovicza Instant Plumping Mask.  This is a brand that pops up a lot in Mintd Box and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I didn’t want to love this product as the full size is £110.00, but it really is lovely.  It’s an overnight mask that works to reduce the depth and appearance of your lines and wrinkles.  Hyaluronic-filled micro-spheres hydrate and firm the skin overnight and the skin is also repaired and strengthened.  Ladies, this is one amazing mask and I won’t rest until that full size jar is mine!

Mintd Box Explore Edit

Once again I’ve been very impressed with the products on offer – if you haven’t tried them before then the Mintd Box Explore Edit is a good place to start.

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