Magnitone Brazilian Bombshell *

Brazilian Bombshell

Hello Bunnies!

The whole world seems to be Rio crazy at the moment with the Olympics.  Personally, I couldn’t care less – I never watch it and so far the only participation that I have had in any of the Rio fever is by trying KFC’s new Rio BBQ Bites … try the Sweet & Smoky ones – they’re a carnival in your mouth.  However, when this beautiful box arrived from Magnitone the other day, I was tempted to hop on down to Copacabana Beach and samba with the best of them.  This seemed a good option until I realised I can’t samba and also Brazil is a bloody long way away.  Instead, I will share my new Brazilian with you lovely people….. No, not that sort of Brazilian you mucky pups!

Let’s sway our hips to the rhythm of Rio.

Where golden beauties fill the streets,

and worries float away like

the petals of the Frangipani.

Here there are no rules.

Just a glow that kisses

your entire body

and a Summer that’s as carefree

as you feel.

Brazilian Bombshell

First up, let’s feast our eyes on the stunning packaging.  It is so vibrant and fun and the hand-drawn illustrations sum up the bright carnival atmosphere of Brazil.  The pattern continues on the brush itself.

Brazilian Bombshell

Brazilian Bombshell

I was sent the Barefaced Brazilian Bombshell Facial Cleanse Brush, which retails at £70.00.  It is a Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush that deep cleanses pores, tones and beautifully conditions your skin.

Will work some good vibrations to beautifully condition skin and take the ‘dare’ out of going bare this summer.

Brazilian Bombshell

The brush pulsates and massages cleanser into your skin. You don’t need to scrub at all, the brush does all the work for you (this is a lazy girl’s dream!).  Every 20 seconds, you will hear a beep which means that it is time to move onto the next ‘zone’ of your face.  After 1 minute, the brush switches itself off and you’re finished.

Brazilian Bombshell

The brushes are gentle enough for most skin types, although there are other ones available. As well as the brush heads that are included, I was also sent the Soft & Sensitive brush heads for the days when my skin is playing up.  The brush includes the new Pore Perfection Brush head that is ideal for oily skin or when you are having a breakout.

Brazilian Bombshell

The brush comes with a magnetic charger that plugs into any USB charger, so you don’t need to worry about getting the brush wet.

Brazilian Bombshell

Using the brush is so easy.  Remove your makeup first, and then take your cleanser or face wash and either apply it directly to your skin, or onto the brush head.  It really feels like it is deep cleansing your face which I love – I love how my skin feels afterwards.  Some people may have a little bit of a reaction to the brush at first, and this is totally normal.  My skin feels slightly tender, but I have only been using it for a few days and I know that it will settle down as my skin adjusts to the deeper cleansing.

Brazilian Bombshell

You can use a regular cleanser with the brush.  I use mine with the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser, and it also works well with exfoliating cleansers too (that could be why I feel a little bit tender).  I have found that you use less product, so I feel less guilty about splurging on a nice cleanser.

Brazilian Bombshell

I’d really recommend this brush.  Wearing lots of makeup can easily clog up our pores, so being able to do a deep down cleanse in a minute is so great.

Brazilian Bombshell

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