MAC Shiny Pretty Things Mini Pigments Set

MAC Shiny Pretty Things

Ok, I didn’t need these, and I think I probably already have a couple of the shades, but how was I supposed to resist the MAC Shiny Pretty Things Mini Pigments set?  I mean I have willpower but not that much so they kind of fell into my basket and I’m not even sorry.

Now I will be honest, when it comes to MAC I can take or leave them.  I do like their lipsticks and their blushers, but the majority of their products just don’t really do it for me.  The one exception has to be their pigments and glitters … I love them with a passion.  Whenever MAC drop their Christmas collection each year, it is always the pigments that catch my eye and this year is no different.  My love affair with them began a couple of years ago with the Nutcracker Sweet collection and I figured that it was time to add some more to my collection.  I also treated myself to one of the new lipsticks in Babetown, which is gorgeous, but it’s this little set that really got me excited.

MAC Shiny Pretty Things

I’d happily have sparkly, glittery eyes all year long, but this is the time of year where it’s perfectly acceptable … hell, it’s expected … to bling those lids up and look like a human glitterball.  You can get a glitter glue if you want to but I’ve always found that spraying my brush with MAC Fix + has always been enough.  It helps the pigments stay in place perfectly and I’ve never had any trouble doing it this way.  I will use a complementary eyeshadow first and then use my damp brush to pack the pigment or glitter onto the lid.

In the MAC Shiny Pretty Things set, you get 4 mini products.  Don’t be put off by them being described as ‘mini’ as they’re still a good size and a little goes a very long way.  You get two mini pigments and two mini glitters and they are stunning.  There is a pink set available but it was the gold set that I fell in love with as the shades are just so beautiful … I am tempted by that pink set though.


MAC Shiny Pretty Things

MAC Shiny Pretty Things

ENGLISH GILT – mini pigment in bright champagne

GOLD – mini glitter in sparkling chunky gold

COPPER – mini glitter in sparkling chunky copper

SHINE TIME – mini pigment in sparkling burgundy

The MAC Shiny Pretty Things Mini Pigments set is available from John Lewis for £21.25 and it is worth every penny.

Now it is time for me to go and enjoy my birthday … and try resist buying more sparkly makeup.

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