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Hello Bunnies!

LanaiBlo might not be a name you’re too familiar with, but you need to be.  They recently sent me their 2400 watt hairdryer to try out (it has my name on it!), and I’m really impressed.  We all know that I don’t really care about my hair and I have zero skills when it comes to styling it, but even I can manage to use a hairdryer.



The LanaiBlo 2400 watt hairdryer is high powered and designed to give you the feel of a professional blow dry in your own home.  As much as I’d like to be that person who gets to go have a blow dry twice a week at a salon, I’m not.  A girl can dream though.

Now I know that all these hairdryers promise you the moon when in reality all they’re doing is drying your hair, but this does dry your hair well.  My main issue with doing anything with my hair is that I get bored and impatient.  I can think of better things to be doing, so I want fast results.  You certainly get those fast results with this, and it’s great if you have hair extensions too as you’re not spending half an hour directing heat onto the bonds.

Sometimes when I blow dry my hair, it can turn into a bit of a frizzy mess and who wants that?  The LanaiBlo has ionic technology that smooths the cuticle of the hair to leave you with a smooth and shiny finish.  Now if it could just deal with my split ends as well, we’d be cooking with gas.

The dreaded frizz is also counteracted by the use of Tourmaline crystal components.  These help to seal in the moisture in the hair to stop the frizz and add to that smooth and shiny finish.



Now I’m a bit of a weakling – my various health issues mean I don’t have a lot of strength, especially in my arms and blowdrying my hair can sometimes be quite difficult.  The hairdryer I currently use is quite heavy and very quickly my arms start to ache.

This beauty has been ergonomically designed so that it’s lightweight (especially when you consider the power it has) and comfortable to use.  With it also being a fast-drying hairdryer, it means I’m not getting uncomfortable when I use it.

One feature of the LanaiBlo that I really like is the Cool Shot.  Once you’ve finished drying your hair and have it in the style you want, you use the Cool Shot to quickly cool the temperature and your hair to help lock your style in place.

There are two different size nozzles and it’s the narrow nozzle that gives you the professional finish as it controls the heat and direction of the air flow.  I always use a narrow nozzle when drying my hair.  You also have the Control 6 speed and heat options so you have a lot of control over how you dry your hair.


There are different colours available (the black I have is currently out of stock) and you can personalise it with up to 15 letters.  The usual price is £99.99 but it is currently on offer for £89.99 on the LanaiBlo website.

I think this would make a great gift for someone, or even as a treat to yourself.  Drying you hair is never going to be the most exciting activity in the world, but this does make it easier.

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* Contains PR samples


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