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Kiko Fall

Hello Bunnies!

Well the Kiko love continues over here at Bunny HQ.  After my first experience of their products (read post here), I now have some pieces from the Kiko Fall 2.0 collection to play with.  Just take a look at that sea of blue packaging … go on, drink it in.  I never thought I particularly liked blue, but this looks stunning.

The inspiration for the new collection is the glamour, mystery and romance of Venice.  I’m guessing the beautiful blue packaging is because of the canals and waterways of the Italian city.  I like that they’ve not gone for cliched Fall colours and I think the blue makes this look like a high-end collection instead of a more affordable brand.  Can you tell how much I love this packaging yet?

I don’t have the full collection (sad times), but I do have a few pieces so why not show you them?  I think you’re going to like what you see.

Kiko Fall

Kiko Fall

Kiko Fall


When it comes to foundations, I tend to be a sheer, silky sort of girl.  Matte foundations can often feel heavy on my skin, but this is different.  Yes it’s a matte, but it’s so silky and lightweight that it really doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a matte.  Kiko describe it as a ‘luminous matte’ and it really is.

When I first saw the little pot, I was a bit unsure – I’m used to pump foundations so I wasn’t sure how well I’d get on with this.  However, I really like it and it’s easy to either dab some on your finger or stick the brush in it.  I haven’t found that I’ve been picking up too much product which is good as I hate wasting foundation.

The Kiko Fall 2.0 foundation is medium to full coverage and is buildable, but it is so so light.  I love the silky finish and how easily it works and blends into the skin.  Imperfections are less visible and you have the smoothest complexion. You also get a miniature pro foundation brush which I really like.  It has synthetic bristles and a diagonal tip that offers precise application.  There are 8 shades available and it is suitable for all skin types.  For me, this foundation is a game changer and proof that I can cope with mattes after all.

Kiko Fall

Kiko Fall


Oh I do love a good bronzer and this one is bloody gorgeous.  I don’t like bronzers that are too dark as I’m paler than a vampire, so this is the perfect tone for me.  The fact it’s a duo bronzer excites me as no matter what mood I’m in, there’s something to please me.

The bronzer has two shades – a darker matte and a lighter metallic shade and they’re ideal for lighter skin tones.  I love how creamy the texture is, leaving you with a radiant sun kissed look.  I’ve found that it blends really well on the skin and doesn’t feel chalky or powdery.  It also minimises your imperfections thanks to its soft focus properties.

First, you use the darker shade to give the skin a matte, perfected appearance (you can use each shade on their own or together).  Then you take the lighter shade for a metallic sheen to give you a luminous, bronzed look.  At first I was worried the matte shade would be too orange toned for me, but it gives such a nice warmth to my complexion.

Kiko Fall

DUO BLUSH – NEW CORAL 01 – £12.90

Blushes make me happy – there’s something about how they give life to my cheeks that fills me with joy.  Without blusher, I pretty much look like a corpse, so I’m very happy to be trying out a new one.  Like the bronzer, this is a Duo product.

There are 4 different shades available and I have this gorgeous coral duo which is so pretty.  Both shades have a matte finish and a texture that is so creamy considering it is a powder product.  They feel gorgeous on the skin and gave you a radiant complexion.

I really like how well they blend out – so you can achieve a natural flush or build the coverage up for a more intense finish.  Each shade is beautiful alone or can be paired together if you want a more vibrant effect.  I am in love with this blush – the shades and the formula is just perfection.

Kiko Fall

MASCARA – £12.90

Mascara is one of those products that I cannot live without.  I’ve never tried a Kiko mascara before, so I was excited by this.  It promises maximum volume, which is just what my non-existent lashes are crying out for.  The beauty of this mascara lies in the brush.

The mini applicator has been specially designed to give you total coverage and full volume.  Each bristle has been strategically placed to ensure that product reaches every single lash – even the tiny ones that some mascaras always miss.  There are also reservoirs in the centre of the applicator to provide a high amount of product that distributes from the base of the lashes ensuring that you get maximum volume.

The formula has high elasticity so it is evenly distributed through the lashes and there’s no clumps.  Now I like to layer mascara on like a mad woman, and this mascara lets you do that.  If you want dramatic, full volume lashes, then you can build up the coverage without it looking a hot mess.

Kiko Fall

EYE BASE – £8.90

Once I’d realised this wasn’t the nudest lip gloss ever (it was a long day), I was keen to try the Eye Base out.  Sometimes my lids can be slightly blue-tinged due to how tired I always am, so I often need something to even them out.

It has a creamy mousse-like texture that is nice and lightweight, which is perfect when it’s going on the eye area.  When it’s on, you can’t even feel it or see it, but your lids are more even in tone.  I often use a Mac Paint Pot for this, but this is quicker and easier.

Your eyeshadow applies nicely on top of this and it also helps to extend the wear time or your eye makeup, which I love.  I don’t spend all my money on palettes for them to wear off after a few hours.  Girl likes to get her money’s worth.  It definitely helps to disguise the signs of tiredness and brightens up the eye area.

Kiko Fall

Kiko Fall

Kiko Fall


Finally we have the Eye Contour Mask.  Now I’ve cheated and used Kiko’s photo of the actual mask as I didn’t want to spoil mine before I was ready to use it.  Look at the pretty lace detailing!  All eye treatments should be this pretty.

It is a single use, energising hydrogel recovery eye mask, so if you’ve had a heavy night and it shows, then this is for you.  The mask instantly refreshes and revitalises the eye contour area, leaving the skin looking more energised and feeling softer and smoother.

All you have to do is apply the mask to clean, dry skin and leave on for 15 – 20 minutes.  Massage it into the skin until it is completely absorbed and enjoy the results.

Have you tried anything from the Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection?


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