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Infini Roses

I love having flowers around the house but I always forget to change the water and they die pretty quickly, so roses that last a year are ideal for me.  Infini Roses have kindly sent me a box to review.

I have had some long-lasting roses before (from another company) and they did not last a year, so I have my fingers crossed for these.  Now obviously I have only just been sent these so I can’t comment on how well they last, but if you’re looking for a gift for someone or want to treat yourself, then these are very very pretty.

Infini Roses

The roses are cut when they are at their most perfect state and treated with an eco-friendly solution which allows them to maintain their structure and freshness whilst also lasting a long time.  They look beautiful and I’d have them in every room if I could afford it.  You don’t get the scent that you do with fresh roses, but that’s a small price to pay for gorgeous flowers.

Infini Roses have a large range of colour choices and you choose the colour of the box and then the colour of the roses.  There are different shapes and sizes and the quality is certainly high.  There are a lot of companies selling these long-lasting roses now, so it’s good to see that the bar is raised high with these.

Infini Roses

I was sent the Classic Cube (£79.00) which consists of 9 roses in a cute little box.  This size is great if you’re wary of spending a lot of money on them and would make an ideal gift for someone.

You can choose between 22 different shades of roses (including some bright and bold options) and 3 different box shade choices.  I have mine on top of some of my makeup storage and they look very cute and pretty.

You do need to avoid direct sunlight and high humidity to help preserve the flowers and you do need to give them a gentle dust once in a while, but that’s it.  They’re certainly a fantastic option for people like me who could kill a flower or plant just by looking at it.

I’m now totally drooling over their larger round and square boxes and think they may just have to go on my never-ending wishlist.

Infini Roses

* These were gifted to me for review purposes

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