Glossybox Galentines Edition *

Glossybox Galentines

February usually means one thing – Valentines Day … but this month, it’s a Glossybox Galentines instead.  Personally that word sends a chill down my spine but we’ll let that pass and take a look at the box.  The focus this month is having fun with your girl friends on some girly nights out.

The box design is bright, bold and fun and I’m loving the neon pink – I do find these themed designs so much more fun than the classic pink box and this is certainly in keeping with the theme of a Glossybox Galentines.

Before we get into the box, there’s a little issue.  On the card that comes with the box, we’re promised a Rodial and an Icona Milano mascara.  Sadly, there’s are no mascaras in my box and I know of a few other’s who didn’t receive them either, so I’m not too sure what’s happened there.  Never mind, I have way too many mascaras anyway!

Glossybox Galentines

First up is a Ciate Mini nail polish.  You’ll either get a Geology polish or a Paint Pot.  I received a Geology polish in beach, please!  I’m loving the hot pink with coral tones, but there are a variety of shades, so it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get this shade.

The polishes have a gel finish which I really like and you get up to days of high gloss shine.  Now if my nails could just grow a bit so I could wear it that would be great!  They’re PETA certified and cruelty-free and apparently even Kylie Jenner is a fan – well she does have a lot of time to paint her nails whilst she’s hiding away I guess.

Glossybox Galentines

I’ve not heard of Skin Chemists London, but I love my skincare, so a 24-hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum sounds good. It infuses the skin with vitamins and antioxidants to minimise redness and deliver deep hydration.  At the moment, my skin is liking the sound of this.

I can be fussy with my skincare, but Winter has wrecked my skin and I’m trying anything and everything to make it better.  I will be slathering this all over my face over the next few weeks in the hopes that it works it’s magic on me.

Glossybox Galentines

Studio 10 are a brand I’ve tried a few times and really like, so I was pleased to see this Makeup Mist Glow-Flexion inside my Glossybox Galentines.  Admittedly it could have been bigger, but let’s not get greedy now.  The mist instantly primes, refreshes and hydrates the skin as well as setting your makeup.

I do like the sound of this and have had a little test of it and it seems nice.  The small size of the product does irritate me – I’d rather have a bigger size of this and lose the nail polish if I’m honest, but that’s just me.  It has made me want to dig out my other Studio 10 goodies again though.

Glossybox Galentines

Steve Laurent (sadly no relation to Yves) seems to be popping up in Glossybox a couple of times now.  I couldn’t tell you who he is as I wasn’t aware of his products before they came to Glossybox.  They do seem nice though.  They haven’t blown me away or rocked my world, but they’re nice.

This Nude Pop Lip Tint is nice and creamy and feels hydrating on the skin.  I do like the packaging and my lips are glad to have something hydrating and moisturising, but honestly, it just seems a bit meh to me.

Glossybox Galentines

If there’s one thing Glossybox love it’s a Sleek palette.  Subscribe long enough and you’ll end up with a few of them.  There are different ones available, so I can’t say which one you will get, but I got Storm.  I used to love these palettes a few years ago, and for drugstore makeup, they’re not the bad.

I do like that they’ve included eyeshadows this month, but a little bit of variety would be nice.  I’ve just realised how incredibly fussy I sound when it comes to these boxes … sorry!  I just know what I like.

Overall, the Glossybox Galentines is a fairly good box – missing products aside.  You can subscribe to the box for £10.00 a month by clicking here.

Glossybox Galentines

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