Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn & Winter *

Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn & Winter

Oh how I love my bed.  It’s my happy place and I adore it.  The trouble is, it’s been so bloody hot recently that I’ve not wanted to get cosy, but all that’s changing.  Yes my lovelies, Autumn (and Winter) are fast approaching and it’s time to get cosy.

I’ve teamed up with Linens Limited to show you how to get your bed ready for the colder months and how to get cosy AF.  For me this means cushions, throws and blankets and snuggling up in a cosy dressing gown.

I spend a lot of time in bed due to my endo, so it has to be a comfortable place.  During the Spring and Summer months I like to have a pink, white and grey colour scheme, but for the next few months, the pink will be reduced.  I’m not one for bright colours, so I do avoid the stereotypical Autumnal colours.  I like grey and white, so the theme is definitely more wintery but it works for Autumn too.

Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn & Winter

I love using throws and blankets on my bed and I will probably be adding even more over the next few weeks.  I like mixing different textures, such as knit and faux fur, as I find this adds a cosy and luxe feel to the bed.

There’s nothing I love more on a cold afternoon than snuggling up under a blanket with candles lit and watching a good film.  If I had my way then I’d probably have about 6 different throws on the bed but maybe that’s a little bit excessive … maybe.

Featured:  Bianca Cotton Soft Soft Knit Throw – £45.50

Catherine Lansfield Wind Faux Fur Throw – £20.95

Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn & Winter

Cushions make me happy.  Now that might sound sad to you, and I get that, but I love cushions.  I normally have about 8 on the bed at any one time … there’s so many that it doesn’t leave much room for Mick, but luckily he accepts my cushion addiction.

Again, I find having lots of cushions on the bed adds to my cosy vibe and just makes the bed look so much nicer.  I tend to keep my bedroom very neutral in terms of decoration and add colour through the accessories, so cushions are a great way to add some colour to a room … plus it’s a really easy way to change up your room without spending a fortune.

Featured:  Catherine Lansfield Crushed Velvet Cushion – £8.95

Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn & Winter

Finally, a must-have to feeling cosy, warm and ready for the dark evenings is a dressing gown,  I have a few and I still want more lol.  I love wrapping myself up in one that has been on the radiator and feeling all toasty.

I could happily live in pjs and dressing gowns from September to May and I’m not even sorry.  I’d rather be cosy any day of the week and a dressing gown always helps.  In fact I can’t think of any problem that a cosy dressing gown doesn’t make better.

Featured:  Wolf & Harris Velvet Moleskin Hooded Robe – £19.95

Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn & Winter

Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn & Winter

Get Your Bed Ready For Autumn & Winter

So if I’m a little quiet over the next few months then you know where I’ll be!

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