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Feline Fierce

When Boots approached me for their Feline Fierce Halloween campaign I said yes straightaway …. totally forgetting for a moment that when it comes to Halloween makeup, I am rubbish!  Now I’m not a makeup artist, not even close, so if you’re like me then rest assured you don’t need to get all fancy with SFX and rubber latex to create a passable look this Halloween.

When I was a kid, Halloween wasn’t really a thing and my Dad’s a vicar so I wasn’t even allowed to don a white bedsheet and spook my neighbours in exchange for a tube of Smarties.  As I got older, I still wasn’t that fussed by Halloween, but bogging has changed that.  This is the third year that I’ve tried to create some sort of cat look and I like to think that I’m getting slightly better.

Boots sent me a selection of makeup to help me create my Feline Fierce look, and I’m going to talk you through how to create a cat when you’re a total novice at any sort of Halloween makeup.  They also sent me the ideal makeup to create a mermaid look, so you never know, that may appear on here in the future.

Feline Fierce

Clearly the look I was going for was a stray cat … ok, so I wasn’t but let’s just try and style this out.  I wanted a simple but kind of glam feline look that wouldn’t take too long to create.  If you get a last minute party invite then this is worth bearing in mind as you don’t need expensive or specialist makeup … just nip into Boots and pick up a few goodies.

My main focus for the look were my eyes.  I knew that I wanted to go full on smokey with my eyes being the main feature of the look.  I would have looked to my cat for some inspiration, but Pickle is a totally black cat and I wasn’t prepared to do that to my face – removing this lot took a bit of effort without a full face of black shadow and liner.  I googled some pics for ideas, and came up with this.

Feline Fierce

Feline Fierce

I used the NYX Ultimate Smokey palette for the majority of my eye look, and for around my mouth.  There’s a good mix of greys and blacks so it’s ideal for a black and white cat look.  I built up the shadows until the look was quite intense and over the top.  You want the darker shades on the lid and get lighter as you work all the way up the eyes until you get to the brows.

I did add some of the Bourjois Satin Edition 24h Eyeshadow in Beige-seller to the centre of the lid to just brighten it a little – it was the first time I’d used one of them and it’s really lovely.  For the white under the eyes, I used the Collection Kohl Eyeliner in White for the base and then built up the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner over the top. This also worked perfectly for the whiskers – you can do black whiskers, I just fancied mixing it up a little. If you want to get that area really white, use a white shadow to add some more intensity.

When it came to all the black on my face, I used both the Maybelline Khol Liner in 100 and then the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black.  This has quite a thick tip so use the pencil for any precision work, but I loved how it went on and I was quite impressed with it.

When it came to the lashes, I stepped right out of my comfort zone.  I’m useless at false lashes, but Boots had included some Ardell FauxMink lashes, so I decided to go for it, and I’m glad that I did as it added more drama to the eyes.  The lashes don’t come with glue, so bear that in mind.  To help blend the lashes in with my own I used the Bourjois Eye Catching mascara.

The look is pretty self-explanatory, but, for me, this is one of the better cat looks I’ve created over the years.  Maybe one day I’ll get good at Halloween makeup, but this was fun to try.

Will you be getting Feline Fierce this Halloween?

The Boots website has lots of ideas for Cat Makeup ideas and lots of other Halloween Makeup looks for you to try.

You can also check out some ideas over on YouTube.

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