Flamingo Candles Haul


Morning Lovelies!

I am a terrible blogger. There, I’ve said it. I’ve just realised that I have a huge stack of products that I have had for ages and have totally forgotten to blog about. Bad, bad Bunny! Back at the start of April, I took full advantage of a little sale that Flamingo Candles had and stocked myself up on some gorgeous wax melts, as well as a candle that looked too pretty to resist.

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The Harrogate Candle Company *

Harrogate Candle Company

Hello Bunnies!

My love for candles is a little bit out of control and I am not even sorry about it. Not even slightly. I follow a ridiculous amount of candle companies on social media, including The Harrogate Candle Company. So imagine the squeals in my house the other week when I got a message saying that they were sending me a little present. You probably heard the squeals … they were loud!

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Maison Ves Thankyou Candle *

Maison Ves

Morning Bunnies!

We all know that I love candles. I have a useful of them and it’s still not enough. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Maison Ves asking me if I wanted to try one of their candles, and it is just so lovely.

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