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How many of us have sat and drooled over the stunning brushes from opções binárias video aula Artis? I know that I have – they are seriously beautiful, but sadly my bank account just won’t stretch to them (sad sad sad times).  Thankfully, Artis have launched a more affordable range of brushes, without skimping on quality or design, and that’s where Optionxp binary xml BrushCraft comes in.

Safe binary option strategy builder Artis view makeup as Art, and every artist needs the right tools.  There’s no point in buying beautiful makeup but then not having good quality tools to apply it with.  They’ve taken the concept of the traditional makeup brush  and have turned it on it’s head by giving it a new, innovative, modern twist.  They wanted the brushes to be easier to use – they fit nicely in your hand, they are easy to manoeuvre and they’re more efficient (seriously, you’ll find yourself using so much less product).

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They have turned the fibres of the brushes at a right angle, and instead of animal hair fibres, BrushCraft use NuFibre – a trademarked man-made, engineered fibre, to help improve how well the brushes perform.  Each fibre bundle on each brush contains more fibres than you would find in a standard animal hair brush, so you are getting better results. BrushCraft by Artis

Now I have used cheap, nasty knockoffs of Artis brushes before and I just couldn’t get on with them, so I was keen to see how well these BrushCraft brushes would perform.  To say that they are amazing just doesn’t seem enough somehow. The range has just 4 brushes and these are all multi-purpose meaning that you don’t need a stash of brushes for each different product – these do it all.  Sometimes with synthetic brushes, they can feel man-made, but the fibres on these are so unbelievably soft and lovely against your skin, that you forget that they are synthetic.  The NuFibre gives you flawless results and application, and they pick up the product and distribute it perfectly, meaning that a little bit of product goes a long way.

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BrushCraft by Artis

The Oval 6 (£29.00), is my favourite out of the range as it is one of the best foundation brushes that I have ever used.

diclofenac-misoprostol 75 mg-200 mcg tablet  It is the perfect size and shape for applying your base and works beautifully with foundation, contour and blush.  I’ve found that I can use far less foundation with this brush than I do with my other foundation brushes, as it picks it up and you can sweep it across your face and the coverage is there – no product gets left behind in the fibres.  There are over 60,000 individual fibres in the brush and this results in such a flawless finish.

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When I have tried oval brushes before, I struggled with eyeshadow application, but the Oval 3 (£22.00) is a dream to use.

It works really well for applying eyeshadow all over the lid (both powder and cream), and works really well in the outer corners too.  The website does say that it’s good for use along the upper and lower lash lines, but I am yet to master this totally, although it does give a nice smudged effect which I really like.  It is also a good size for applying your under eye concealer and cleaning up the under eye after you’ve applied your eye makeup.

BrushCraft by Artis

BrushCraft by Artis

The Circle 1R  (£22.00), has so many different uses.

 From applying and blending eyeshadow, to spot concealing, detailed focused contouring and even applying lip colour, this is one handy little brush to have in your collection. The cylinder shaped fibre bundle has a rounded dome top making it a really easy shape to work with.

BrushCraft by Artis

BrushCraft by Artis

The Linear 1 (£22.00) is the brush that I find myself reaching for the least, but that is purely because I don’t tend to use gel liners and that’s what I feel this brush is best suited for.

I have used it to fill in my brows, and that worked out ok, but I will always be a winged-liner brush sort of girl for that job.  However, if you do want to apply a perfect line of product, then this brush is ideal for you.  The thin row of fibres are perfectly aligned to enable you to dip it into the product and gently pull it across the skin, or lash line.

BrushCraft by Artis

Cleaning the brushes couldn’t be simpler – you run the brush along the cleaning pad and it’s ready straight away for you to use a different shade, or even a totally different product (the best bit is that this pad will work with other brushes too).  When it’s time for the dreaded deep clean, the Cleansing Foam will effectively clean the brushes.

I am so pleasantly surprised by these brushes and I think that they are an affordable alternative to the original Artis brushes (although I still lust after those on a daily basis).

BrushCraft are available in the UK on software per opzioni binarie 60 secondi Naturismo and in the US here.

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