Brightening Youth Glow From Charlotte Tilbury *

Brightening Youth Glow

Brightening Youth Glow is the latest offering from Charlotte Tilbury.  Many of her products focus on improving radiance and Wonderglow is a favourite of mine, so I was interested to see how this compares.  With promises of anti-ageing, colour-correcting and glow boosting, this little tube sounds amazing … but does it live up to the hype?

Now we all know that I’m a huge Charlotte Tilbury fan and I think this has made me a little bit more critical in some ways.  People automatically assume that I’m going to say that every new CT product is amazing, but I like to be very honest in my reviews.  So, there are some aspects of this product that I like and some that just don’t quite hit the spot.  Before I get onto my thoughts of Brightening Youth Glow, I’ll give you the spiel.

Charlotte Tilbury describes this as a colour-correcting, moisturising primer with pearlescent pigments to even your skin tone and blur away blemishes.  Apparently it’s a brightening skin potion that’s the perfect base for your makeup or on its own for a youthful glow – it gives your skin the gorgeous glow of clarity.

Brightening Youth Glow

There are plenty of wonderful ingredients to make you look younger, reduce redness, brighten the skin etc … and that’s one of the things I do love about Charlotte Tilbury products.  She does use nice ingredients.

WATERCRESS EXTRACT – brightens the skin by actively blocking the production of melanin.

VITAMIN B3 – evens out the skin tone and brightens the complexion by helping to reduce pigmentation.

OLIVE EXTRACT – plumps and moisturises for supple, more elastic skin.

CHLORELLA –  a green algae extract that stimulates even pigments distribution across the skin to even out the tone.

PEARLESCENT PIGMENTS – bounce the light to more flattering angles of the face, helping to soften and blur under eye circles and naso-labial lines.

Brightening Youth Glow

I’m going to start with the positives of Brightening Youth Glow as there are some aspects of it that I think are good.

My skin definitely looks brighter whenever I use this and there is a glow, but not a glow like you get from Wonderglow.  Also, my pores do look blurred, and my skin feels extremely smooth.  However, there are many primers the do all of this.  The promised colour-correcting never materialised and I’m not surprised by that.  The whole concept of colour-correcting is taking one colour to counteract another … Brightening Youth Glow is a white liquid.  Now I’m not a chemist so maybe there is something in the ingredients that would theoretically correct colour, but I just didn’t see that benefit of the product.

I tested the primer with the Light Wonder foundation as this is my favourite Charlotte Tilbury foundation.  For the first few hours my skin looked good and the foundation looked flawless.  Sadly, after a few hours I noticed that the foundation was oxidising and starting to look a bit of a mess.  This never happens with Light Wonder, so I was disappointed.

I then tested it with Magic Foundation and again I had the same problem.  In fact I had the same issue with every foundation I tried so, in terms of being a primer, I just wasn’t impressed.  However, I did use it with the Healthy Glow tinted moisturiser and had much better results.

For me, I think this is going to have to be one of those products saved for ‘no makeup’ days.  It just didn’t work with foundation, but when used with Healthy Glow, my skin looked luminous and healthy.  I will forever love Wonderglow and I’m sad that this just didn’t match up to it.  It’s not an awful product – far from it – but it just doesn’t quite deliver what it promises.

Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow retails for £38.50 and is available on the website.

Brightening Youth Glow

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