ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life * Gifted

ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life

When the ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life collection landed on my doorstep I was a little bit overwhelmed. I don’t think I’ve tried anything from them before (I could be wrong), so to see so many products was rather exciting.

The Mediterranean Life collection is their Spring / Summer range and after months of darkness and cold, I’m living for the colours. It really does feel like there’s light coming back into the World, so I am excited about this.

Embrace bright colours radiating light and joy and welcome in a new season of sunshine and warmth. Intense pink and rosewood shades are inspired by the early signs of spring on the Mediterranean coast. With light blue and fresh green shades taking inspiration from the colours of the vast ocean, it’s time once again to enjoy colour and delight the mind with vibrant pastel tones.

Now there are quite a few products to get through, so let’s dive into the ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life.

ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
No Colour Setting Powder
ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
No Colour Setting Powder

First up we have the No Colour Setting Powder (£30.30) which is completely transparent and therefore is ideal for all skin tones.

The powder consists of a fully transparent and light base along with light-optimising ingredients that use light reflection to give you the best results for your complexion. The powder contains microfine particles, along with squalene, to give you a matte finish and keep your foundation in place all day and your complexion looking fresh and healthy. I sometimes found powder to feel too drying on my skin, but this felt soft and silky on my skin.

ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
New Eyeshadow Shades
ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
New Eyeshadow Shades

There are 6 new shades of ArtDeco’s silky eyeshadows and if you’re a pastel lover, then look no further.

Each shade costs £6.00 each so they’re nice and affordable. They are gentle and soft to apply, although for me, they did lack a bit of pigment. However, if you’re going for a soft and pretty look then they work well and they blend nicely and stay in place all day.

  • 88A Pearly Soft Lilac – lilac-rose tone
  • 570 Matte Terrazzo – pink matte
  • 69A Pearl Smoky Blue – grey-toned blue
  • 44A Pearly Light Pistachio – pale pistachio green
  • 84A Pearly Blue Iris – blue matte
  • 115 Pearly Pleasant Breeze – pale brown
ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
Magnetic Palette
ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
Magnetic Palette

I absolutely love the Magnetic Palette (£8.50). Not only does it look super pretty, but it is ideal for travelling.

You can customise it to fit your needs and it holds eyeshadows, blusher, brow powders … whatever you want to put in it. It slides out so you can easily change the contents and fits nicely into your handbag.

ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
Brow Products

I do love trying out new brow products, and there are two lovely ones in the collection. Now I don’t think these are new products, but they are new shades, which just happen to be great shades for me.

The Brow Duo Powder & Liner (£22.10) is now available in Shade 12 Ebony which is a medium brown. It contains a retractable liner to easily define the brows and fill them in, and a brow powder on the other end. There’s a foam applicator which appears to thicken the brows and give them a nice natural finish.

The Brow Filler (£13.00) also has a new shade and that’s No. 6 Soft Brunette. I like having a mix of darker and lighter brow shades as some days I want a softer brow and others I want a more dramatic brow. Your brows are left looking thicker as well as being fixed in place thanks to the gel. The brush manages to coat even the smallest of brow hairs and fibres help to fill in any gaps you may have.

ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
Soft Eye Liner

Pencil eyeliners are my favourite as they’re far less messy than liquid ones and more versatile. ArtDeco’s Waterproof Soft Eye Liner (£8.30) is available in two new shades and I’m a fan.

The liners are long-lasting, smudge-proof, waterproof and perfume-free. I’ve found they apply beautifully to both the upper and lower lash line and they have such a nice creamy consistency to the formula. You can get a nice precise application without feeling like it is dragging across your lash line. The new shades are 11 Deep Forest Brown (dark brown) and 97A Deep Anthracite (intense dark grey).

ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
Blushers & Brows Swatches

Welcome to two of the prettiest blushers that I have ever tried … and they’re only £10.00 each!

They are so soft and delicate but still pack a bit of punch with their pigmentation. You can go quite subtle for a flush of colour or build them up if you prefer. They stay on all day and give such a beautiful effect to the cheeks. I am very tempted to go buy all of them!

The new shades are 28A Holiday Flirt (dark pink) and 32A Little Romance (more of a peachy tone).

ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
Perfect Colour Lipsticks
ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
Soft Lip Liners
ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life
Lip Swatches

Finally, there are some lovely new lip products. There are more than what I have, and they all look gorgeous.

I’m already in love with the Perfect Colour Lipsticks (£11.90) and I’ve only tried these two shades so far (again, may need them all). The lipstick appears to plump the lips, as well as smoothing and moisturising them thanks to waxes, a gel base and a wide range of lip loving ingredients. They apply perfectly, give good coverage and are fairly long-wearing whilst feeling super comfortable on the lips.

There are a few new shades and I have two of them. There is 833 Lingering Rose and 909 Watermelon Pink.

Finally, there are two new shades of the Waterproof Soft Lip Liner £8.30) that are perfect for Spring. The liners are nice and light to apply, without dragging, and add the right amount of definition to your lips. The new shades are 186 Shy Rose and 188 Cute Peonies.

I am massively impressed with the ArtDeco The Mediterranean Life collection which will be available soon on Beauty Bay and selected salons.

*These items have been gifted to me.

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