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I’m the first to admit that I’ve got more highlighters than one girl really needs. However that doesn’t stop me from wanting more, especially when they looks as stunning as this palette. I’m developing a real love for Anastasia Beverly Hills products (Brow Wiz gives me life), so when I saw the beautiful Glow Kit, I had to have it.

At £39.00, it’s not exactly cheap, but you get 4 good-sized powders, so really it’s less than £10.00 a shade, which is really good. You can see how I convince myself when it comes to purchases can’t you?

The palette contains 4 velvety-textured highlighting powders that can be used to enhance your cheekbones, your brow bone, your collar bone … wherever the Hell you want really.


The powders are all finely-milled and can be applied dry, or with a damp makeup sponge or blush. I haven’t tried them damp yet, but I do spray MAC Fix + over once I’ve applied them and it really intensifies the pigmentation.

They can be used for a subtle hint of highlight, or for a dramatic yet beautiful glow, and you can also use them as eyeshadows. You can apply them all over the lid, or on the inner corners to create a pretty, wide-eyed look. I love doing this as it really opens your eyes up and makes them pop.


SUNBURST – A bright, luminous gold with a metallic finish. This has lovely pigmentation and blends really well.


GOLDEN BRONZE – A warm bronze with golden flecks. This is really pigmented, so if you want a subtle effect, then stay away from this one, but it is gorgeous.


BUBBLY – Rose champagne with a pearlescent finish. This can feel slightly dry, but it’s a beautiful shade and blends well. This is the one that gets the most use from me.


DRIPPING IN GOLD – Lavish gold with a vivid, reflective finish. This applies easily and has great colour payoff.


This really is a great little palette. The shades are all stunning, the quality is high and they look beautiful when they’ve been applied.

I got mine from Cult Beauty.


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