ADEXE Sistine Petite Rose Gold *

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ADEXE Sistine Petite Rose Gold

Hello Bunnies!

ADEXE are a company who take the utmost pride in what they do and strive to embody the British spirit and style in their craft.  I like it when a brand is British – less air miles and all that jazz, so I was excited to try one of their products.  Now bear in mind that mine is a PR sample and so there’s no fancy gift box or anything like that.

ADEXE Sistine Petite Rose Gold

When it comes to watch making, ADEXE take it very seriously.  They offer the traditional quality of classic craftsmanship with luxury whilst invoking contemporary minimalism.  Everything is designed and manufactured in-house in London, so there’s no huge third party production factory involved.  I really like this, and much prefer items that have been crafted with care rather than being mass-produced.

ADEXE is a timepiece that reflects the spirit of the wearer, distinguishing itself from the mass-produced line of ‘more of the same’ masses.  ADEXE prides itself as a master of the venerable art form, melding mechanical precision with luxury and aesthetic finesse.

ADEXE Sistine Petite Rose Gold

Sistine, the most famous chapel in the world, located in the Vatican city.  The timepiece is inspired by the planning of the city, featuring the domed chapel at the backend and supporting the front yard.

So ADEXE let me choose any watch I liked from their site and the blogger in me was drawn towards the rose gold.  I’m nothing if not a walking cliche it would seem!  However, the Sistine Petite Rose Gold instantly stood out to me, so the choice was made.

I deliberately didn’t want a watch with links as I have stupidly skinny wrists and always have to have links removed, so the mesh style bracelet of this watch looked a better option for me.  I was very surprised by how thin the actual watch face is – it’s slightly domed underneath but very very thin.

ADEXE Sistine Petite Rose Gold

ADEXE Sistine Petite Rose Gold

The clasp to do the strap up is a little awkward and I needed help to do it up.  I’m hoping it loosens and gets easier with time.  I do like that you can make it as tight or as loose as you need to, so even my awkward wrists weren’t a problem.

I’m loving the size of the watch face as it’s not too big but it is still fairly large and makes a statement.  The roman numerals are quite large too so I’m able to make out the time easily (my eyesight is pretty shocking these days).  Best of all … it’s not a noisy ticker!  The sound of noisy watches and clocks can drive me slightly mad, so I’m happy to report that this has a nice quiet mechanism.

On their website, ADEXE state that all watches come with an additional strap in either brown or black.  Mine didn’t, but I’m assuming that’s just because it was a PR sample.


CASE MATERIAL: hand polished all stainless steel

CASE SIZE: 33 mm

BAND MATERIAL: hand-made mesh band



MOVEMENT: Miyota 2025

BATTERY: 2 – 3 years

The Sistine Petite Rose Gold costs £109.00 and is available from the ADEXE website.

* Contains PR Sample


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