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Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling

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Vitamin Profiling might sound like it’s come straight off Forensic Files (obsessed by the way), but it’s the latest innovation from Alpha-H.  Now this clever little set would make a great Christmas present for that relative who’s obsessed with their skin, or for yourself.  I have a feeling that this may be a rather long post!

I have awkward skin – since my hysterectomy, my skin does what the hell it likes.  One day it might feel really dry, the next day there’s oil … it’s resulted in a skincare cupboard to rival any department store.  With Alpha-H’s Vitamin Profiling, knowing what to use each day just got a whole lot easier.

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling

The Vitamin Profiling Collection contains four powerful cosmeceutical serums, it is the result of over twenty-one years of research and development into skin refinement.

In a bespoke approach to skincare solutions, Alpha-H has custom-designed four vitamin serums – A, B, C, E – each of which posses a unique profile in terms of its specific skincare benefits.  Having four single vitamins to select from allows each individual – whatever their age, skin type or lifestyle – the opportunity to take greater control of their skincare routine by selecting one of the four vitamins to meet the precise needs of their skin at any given time, day or night.

With these four vitamins at your disposal, your homeware routine can be tailored to meet absolutely any skincare eventuality – by a simple process of self-prescription.

We call this approach Vitamin Profiling.

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling

Now I already know that I have vitamin deficiencies.  My diet needs some serious improvement, and illness means my lifestyle isn’t as healthy as I would like.  You’d think this would mean that I religiously took supplements but I don’t.  I just never ever remember, so I do like skincare that contains vitamins.

Having vitamin deficiencies in your skin can result in it looking dull, having less elasticity, it feeling rough and a whole host of other problems.  With being on the menopause, I’m already battling with several skincare concerns, so I love the idea of Vitamin Profiling.

Introducing Vitamin Profiling into your routine can help to:

* Boost collagen production  * Diminish wrinkles  * Boost hyaluronic acid production

* Improve elasticity  * Brighten your skin tone  * Lighten your pigmentation

* Regulate sebaceous secretion  * Stimulate new cell production  * Reduce inflammation

* Improve skin texture  * Reduce redness  * Strengthen capillaries

* Boost skin immunity  * Reduce scarring  * Shield the skin against pollution

* Reduce trans epidermal moisture loss

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling

The kit comes with a handy wheel that has a variety of skin concerns on it.  You spin the wheel around to whatever your skin is suffering from and it will tell you which serum to use in the morning and which to use in the evening.  The serums are not designed to be used together, so you only use one at a time.

I find this wheel really helpful, especially as my skin can vary so often.  Instead of standing in front of shelves full of products, I now know exactly what I need to use.  This is really simplifying your skincare routine and helps you to tailor your regime to suit your own specific needs.

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling


Vitamin A is perfect for helping with anti-ageing.  It also works to treat sun damage, skin yellowing, acne scarring, coarsened skin texture, and skin yellowing.

It works by normalising the cellular function resulting in a corrective effect on skin conditions.  The Dermis is left thickened and stimulated so wrinkle depth is reduced, the skin is firmer and blood flow is increased.  At the same time, it decreases the production of sebum and increases the rate of wound healing, so if you have acne scars, then this is ideal for you.   Vitamin A also repairs the cellular structure of the Epidermis, so the skin’s UV protective capabilities are increased.


Encapsulated Retinol and Retinyl Propionate blended with Squalene, Evening Primrose, Macademia Seed and Jojoba Seed oils.

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling


I’ve used this for a while, long before I got this set and I love it.  Vitamin B works well for skin that is dehydrated, dull, pigmented, stressed, blotchy or sagging.

It works by increasing the production of ceramides and fatty acids, so moisture levels are boosted and the skin’s immunity and barrier function is increased.  Collagen and Elastin synthesis is stimulated, so your skin feels firmer and age spots are reduced.  The output of Sebaceous oil is regulated which results in less acne breakouts and the Copper Tripeptide neutralises free radicals, so the formation of wrinkles is limited.  Finally, it includes Chia Seed which reduces trans epidermal moisture loss.


Niacinamide (B3) and Panthenol (B5) blended with Copper Tripeptide, Chia Seed, Ferulic Acid, Fision Hydrate and a unique form of Hyaluronic Acid which has been fractionated into different molecular sizes so it can penetrate every layer of the skin.

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling


Vitamin C is perfect for skin that is lifeless, sun-damaged, dull, pigmented or suffering from poor collagen.

It shields the skin cells from free radical activity that triggers premature ageing, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.  Broken capillaries are strengthened and repaired whilst redness is reduced.  If you’ve got sunburn caused by UVB radiation, then Vitamin C will help to reduce it.  Incorporating Vitamin C into your routine will help the skin cells to convert up to 89% of Ethyl Ascorbic Acid into L-Ascorbic.  This helps with the development of collagen, so your skin will feel firmer.  The L-Ascorbic also slows down the production of melanin so the formation of age spots will be reduced.


Ethyl Ascorbic Acid blended with Grape Seed, Licorice Root and Hyaluronic Acid.

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling


You’ll find using Vitamin E helpful if your skin is dry, mature, scarred, flaking, reddened or aggravated.

Using Vitamin E will help to prevent free radical activity whilst also boosting the moisture content and immune response of the skin.  Sensitivity is reduced, as is inflammation and UV-induced erythema and edema.  The cells that are responsible for the production of Collagen and Elastin, (Fibroblast cells), are also protected by Vitamin E.  It also works to reduce the appearance of rough, dry and damaged skin, as well as helping with the skin’s healing process.


Encapsulated Vitamin E blended with Evening Primrose and Macademia Seed.

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling

I think the Vitamin Profiling Collection  is such a clever little kit and will make caring for your skin so much easier.  At £49.99, it’s not going to break the bank either.  So, whether you want to get this as a Christmas present, or as a treat for yourself, it’s time to embrace the vitamins.


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