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A few years ago, Urban Decay released their Alice Book Of Shadows, and now they’ve teamed up with the folks over at Disney to release this palette that has been inspired by the new film Alice Through The Looking Glass.


The packaging is simply stunning and a real feast for your eyes. From the bright kaleidoscope images, to the cute little quotes, it really is gorgeous. When you lift open the top part of the palette, there is a mirror with the quote ‘We’re all mad here”, and then two doors that have a quote on them.

‘I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.’


When you open the little doors, a 3D pop-up butterfly greets you. The level of detail that has gone into the packaging is amazing, and makes this such a beautiful palette to own.


The palette consists of 20 shades, all with names inspired from the book and the film.

As you look at the shades, they have been separated into characters, and each vertical line corresponds to a character from the film, so you can either stick to one character, or go wild and mix and match.




LOOKING GLASS – pale pink frost that is nice and smooth with good colour payoff.

REFLECTION – warm peach matte that is very bendable and long-wearing.

DORMOUSE – medium brown matte with a smooth texture and a semi-opaque colour payoff.

METAMORPHOSIS – medium blue satin that’s a nice colour but has a very thin texture.





HATTER – bright green satin with a soft texture but it’s quite loose and sheer.

GONE MAD – dark purple matte with slight micro-sparkle and semi-sheer colour payoff but it’s not very blendable.

PARADOX – bright orange frosted sheen with a creamy texture and great colour payoff.

CAKE – fuchsia pink pearl that’s nice and smooth and long-wearing.





LILY – pinky-beige frost that is slightly powdery but has good pigmentation.

DUCHESS – peach frost that blends well and has good colour payoff.

KINGDOM – rosy brown frost with a smooth texture that is long-wearing.

CHESSBOARD – medium brown matte with a soft texture and opaque pigmentation.





HEADS WILL ROLL – bright teal matte with micro-sparkle that’s very sheer and loses sparkle when applied.

BANDERSNATCH – dark blue matte that is long-wearing with semi-opaque pigmentation.

SALAZEN GRUM – medium coppery red frost with a buttery texture and blends well.

ROYAL FLUSH – bright light peach metallic that is long-wearing but applies better when damp.





TIME – medium black micro-shimmer that has a smooth texture but tends to lose it’s shimmer.

DREAM ON – medium purple glitter that has a lot of fall out and the pigmentation isn’t great.

CHRONOSPHERE – bronzed brown frost that has good pigmentation and blends well.

MIRROR – dark taupe grey pearl that has good colour payoff but it is slightly dusty.


Overall, whilst some of the colours aren’t my personal cup of tea, and the quality on a couple of the shades is a little lacking, this is still a lovely palette. Without the fantastic packaging, then it would be a fairly average palette, but the whole design really makes it special.

If you’d like to see some looks from this palette in another post, just let me know.


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