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Charlotte Tilbury

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I think by now we all know that Charlotte Tilbury is my favourite band.  My collection of her products is big and lots of people come to me to ask for recommendations.  So, I decided to share with you my top picks from her range.  Narrowing it down was a lot harder than I thought, but I divided it into sections and tried (and failed) to keep my selection small.  Choosing between the lipsticks almost broke me and sadly I don’t have any of the Hollywood collection yet, but here are the products I seriously love.

Charlotte Tilbury


I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury skincare and I almost included everything – it’s that lovely.  From face masks to moisturisers to the loveliest cleansing balm, there’s something for everyone.

Charlotte Tilbury

I had to include Multi Miracle Glow – this stuff is incredible.  It’s a multi-purpose balm that I use to cleanse and also as a mask.  This is such a favourite that I always like to have at least 2 jars in the house as if I ever ran out … oh there’d be tears.

Magic Cream has long been a favourite and I have jars of the stuff.  It’s so nourishing and moisturising and leaves my skin feeling amazing.  Often, when my skin is really dry, I put a thick layer of this on and leave it on for 15 minutes.  My skin feels so good afterwards.

Clay masks play a large role in my skincare routine and Goddess Skin is my all time favourite.  I swear this stuff is magical – even on the worst skin days, this works wonders.  If you like masks, you’ll love this.

Sheet masks can be messy little buggers, but the Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is the dream mask.  It is dry, so there’s no slimy feeling but the result are crazy.  It really is like you’ve had a facial in just 15 minutes.

Charlotte Tilbury


Charlotte Tilbury base products are so so good.  Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of Magic Foundation, I do love everything else.  These tend to be the products I use the most as I love them so much.

Charlotte Tilbury

Products that give me a glow are always a favourite, so Wonderglow is a must have.  You can use it as a primer or on it’s own and it makes you look more radiant.  This will forever be in my makeup collection.

As I mentioned, foundation wise I love Light Wonder.  I prefer a more natural looking base and this is perfect.  You can get a nice level of coverage and the finish is always flawless.  It has to be said that this is one of my top 3 foundations of all time.

Fans of Touche Eclat will love The Retoucher.  I use it to conceal as well as brighten under the eyes.  The formula is beautiful and it blends like a dream.  It instantly makes me look more awake and covers up those dreaded dark circles.

When it comes to a pressed powder, my all time Holy Grail has to be the Airbrush Flawless Finish.  You really can’t find better.  Seriously, it makes your skin look incredible and blurs out those imperfections as well as setting your makeup beautifully.  I love it!

Charlotte Tilbury


This was a tough category to narrow down as I have all of the blushers and Beach Sticks.  I do wish that Charlotte Tilbury would bring out a highlight palette – I’d die and go to makeup heaven if that happened.

Charlotte Tilbury

Filmstar Bronze & Glow is one of those products that is just so pretty to look at.  I use it for a subtle contour and the highlight shade is beautiful.  Also, the packaging is to die for.

I’m not one for contouring, but I do love to use the Beach Stick in Ibiza to define my cheekbones.  It has a lovely creamy formula and blends out so well.  If you like bronzing and contouring, then this is the shade for you.

The Charlotte Tilbury blushers are all gorgeous, but my favourite has to be Love Glow.  It’s the prettiest pink shade and I love the pop of colour from the centre shade.  You can build up the coverage, although I find one swirl of my brush gives all the colour I need.

Highlighters are like oxygen to me – I need them, and Bar Of Gold is stunning.  I love the golden glow this gives my cheekbones and it also makes a bloody lovely eyeshadow.  At first you might think it’s expensive for the size, but a little goes a long way.

Charlotte Tilbury


The Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Palettes are all beautiful.  I have them all and I love them.  From the shades to the quality, these really stand out for me, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to some firm favourites.

Charlotte Tilbury

The Instant Look In A Palettes are all lovely, but Beauty Glow has to be my favourite.  As well as having all your cheek products, the eyeshadow shades are so nice to work with.  Gold and bronze tones work well on my skin tone, so this is just perfect for me.

Smokey eyes are my favourite and The Rock Chick is the ideal palette.  I really like the mix of greys and silvers and they create the most stunning smokey eye.  I adore this palette.

I never thought I’d love red toned shadows, but The Vintage Vamp is incredibly beautiful.  Every time that I use this I get compliments on my makeup.  The shades work so well together and blend perfectly.

For me, The Fallen Angel is one of those palettes that works for me every time.  It has a nice mix of shades that I love  and the bronze shade in it is gorgeous.

Charlotte Tilbury


I couldn’t just leave it at palettes as Charlotte Tilbury has some beautiful eye products.  Ideally I would have included them all, but that would defeat the point of this post.

One of my all time favourite mascaras is Full Fat Lashes.  For me, not many other mascaras compare.  It makes my lashes look fuller and longer without any clumping or flaking.  Holy grail.

I was never really into cream shadows until I got the Eyes To Mesmerise.  They apply beautifully and stay on for hours.  Jean is a stunning pink-champagne shade that really opens up my eyes and looks so good.

Marie Antoinette is described as an antique oyster gold and I think it really suits my colouring.  I stocked up on some of these are they really are so good to use.

The Colour Chameleons are a must have – I use them as a shadow, as liner, as inner corner colour… No other eyeshadow pencils compare in my opinion.  Champagne Diamonds is super pretty and looks amazing on the lids and in the inner corner.

I love the metallic red / bronze of Bronzed Garnet and if you have green eyes, this will look even more amazing on you.  It blends out really well and really adds some gorgeousness to your eye look.

Grey tones seem to really suit me, so Dark Pearl works well for me.  There’s a glittery element to it that is really pretty and I love it so much that I’m now on my third.

 Charlotte Tilbury


Oh this was really tough to narrow it down to 4 that I love more than the rest.  I own every single shade, so believe me when I say I struggled.  However, these 4 are my current favourites that I reach for the most.

Charlotte Tilbury

Pillow Talk gives me life.  It’s the most perfect pink toned nude that enhances the natural hue of your lips.  It’s a comfortable matte that’s non-drying and I love it.  I love it so much I have three of them.  Not sorry.

Some matte reds can feel really drying on the lips, but Red Carpet Red is a dream to wear.  It’s a true ruby red and I always feel a bit bad ass when I’m wearing it.  To me, it’s the perfect red.

I never thought that a coral lipstick would suit me, but Sexy Sienna actually works really well.  Again this has a matte finish, and it looks lovely with a tan.

Now that Autumn is almost here, I’ve been drawn back to Bond Girl.  It’s a berry red matte that wears really well and goes with so many different looks.

Charlotte Tilbury


I’m literally dying to try the new Hollywood Liquid Lipsticks, but until then there are a few other lip products I love.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

The Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats are gorgeous to use.  They line the lips perfectly and Pillow Talk is my favourite.  Even before the lipstick came out, this was, and is, my go to nude liner.  It doesn’t drag and applies beautifully.

I can sometimes struggle to find a decent red liner, but Kiss N Tell is ideal.  It’s nice and bright and I find it works well with quite a few of my lipsticks.

I’m not a hug lip gloss fan, but the Lip Lustres are very pretty, especially when paired with the lipsticks.  High Society  is a very pretty sherry berry shade that always makes my lips look bigger.  It’s a very natural shade that would work well on all colourings.

Some days I feel a bit vampy, and that’s when Unleash Me comes out to play.  It’s a stunning dark plum that looks amazing in the colder months.  I love it.

Sweet Stiletto was the first Lip Lustre I got and it’s remained a favourite.  It’s a soft pink that works really well with a lot of the more pinky-nude toned lipsticks.

Charlotte Tilbury


I was thrilled when Charlotte Tilbury released a perfume and I’ve loved it since I first tried it.  Also, all of her brushes are gorgeous, but there are three that really stand out.

Charlotte Tilbury

Scent Of A Dream is such a gorgeous scent.  It’s a floral-chypre that is so pretty to wear and it is so long-wearing.  I also love the art deco design of the bottle.

I love how large the brush head of the Bronzer brush is.  It allows you to sweep product across the cheeks with ease.  The bristles are beautifully soft and it’s my favourite brush to use for bronzer.

The Blusher brush is the perfect size and shape for applying blusher.  It picks up the ideal amount of product and it distributes it evenly.

When I do use powder products to contour, I love to use the Powder & Sculpt brush.  It works perfectly with the Filmstar palette, and is really nice to use with highlighter too.

Bloody hell that was a long post to write!  There we have my current favourites from Charlotte Tilbury and the products that I highly recommend.

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury yet?


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