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Harrogate Candle Company

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My love for candles is a little bit out of control and I am not even sorry about it. Not even slightly. I follow a ridiculous amount of candle companies on social media, including The Harrogate Candle Company. So imagine the squeals in my house the other week when I got a message saying that they were sending me a little present. You probably heard the squeals … they were loud!

Harrogate Candle Company

The Harrogate Candle Company was founded by two friends, Deborah and Fiona, who both shared a passion for beautiful candles, and wanted to create a range of luxury, premium range of Aromatherapy mood candles. Thank God for business women like these two. They know what we want in our homes and that we want products that are high quality and look gorgeous too.

They believe that high quality, essential oil based products don’t need to come with a price tag that will make your bank balance sit in a corner and rock. I also love the fact that they handmade, package and distribute from Harrogate (lovely town, well worth a visit), instead of some soulless factory abroad.

Harrogate Candle Company

I was sent their fabulous Mood Collection (£48.00), which contains each of their Mood candles. This gift set beautifully represents their unique daily regime of aromatherapy candles to enhance specific moods at different times of the day. This is such a fab idea, and means you will have the right candle to suit any mood or need.

The candles are hand-poured and have been made using their own unique blend of essential oils as well as the finest blend of both natural and soy wax to create an even, clean burn and also to ensure an enhanced fragrance throw.

Harrogate Candle Company

The set contains 5 candles, each designed to create a different mood.

HAPPY – Lime and Black Pepper

Zingy, invigorating and fresh to leave you feeling uplifted, energised and in control.

INSPIRE – Geranium, Eucalyptus and Orange

Uplifting and inspiring to remind you of your favourite spa experience and to refresh and energise you.

LOVELY – Rock Rose and Pink Pepper

Pretty, feminine and delicate for establishing a positive and ambitious state of mind.

DIVINE – Dark Amber and Sandalwood

Deep, sensual and warm, perfect for creating the right mood for your evening.

DREAM – Vanilla Musk and Lavender

Soft, relaxing and gentle to take you away from the stress from your day and send you into a relaxed state of mind.

Harrogate Candle Company

These candles are simply beautiful. They definitely do have an effect on your mood, and the DREAM candle is ideal for helping me fall asleep. They have a fantastic scent throw and they burn really well too.

Go visit their website.  I know you’ll love The Harrogate Candle Company as much as I do.

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