What I Got For Christmas 2017

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas posts are always a tricky one.  Some people hate them and see them as bragging, whilst the rest of us love them.  I’m a nosy cow and love to see what others have got.  I don’t see it as bragging … it’s more someone being excited and appreciative.  This year I wasn’t sure whether to write mine after I got some negativity towards one of my presents, but then I thought sod it!  I’m over the moon with my presents and extremely grateful, so here it is.  My 2017 What I Got For Christmas post. I hope you enjoy.

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I Had A Birthday & Now I’m Old


Hello Bunnies!

On Monday it was my birthday … I am now halfway to 70 and feeling a bit old.  I received so many birthday wishes that it was slightly overwhelming.  A couple of months ago, I couldn’t even think about turning 35 and never thought I’d still be here to celebrate.  To say I am now extremely grateful that my suicide attempt wasn’t successful is an understatement.

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