theBalm Nude Beach Palette With Swatches *

theBalm Nude Beach

theBalm Nude Beach is the latest addition to my palette collection.  I used to be obsessed with theBalm palettes, so I was quite excited when this arrived.

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Urban Decay Born To Run Palette *

Urban Decay Born To Run

The Urban Decay Born To Run palette is quite possibly the most versatile palette I’ve received in a long time.  Whether you want a neutral look or to go all out, this palette has it all.

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Charlotte Tilbury Bar Of Gold Palette *

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Palette

The Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold palette is a thing of beauty.  Fans of the original Bar of Gold are going to love this as it is so stunning.

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Urban Decay Backtalk Palette & Swatches

Urban Decay Backtalk

The Urban Decay Backtalk palette has been on my lust list ever since it was launched.  That’s the worst bit of being on the mother of all spending bans – it’s like you can look but you can’t touch.

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ABH Soft Glam Palette Review & Swatches

ABH Soft Glam

I’m aware that every blogger and their Instagrammable tiny dog have already reviewed the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette, but it’s too pretty not to get a blog post.

I haven’t lusted after an ABH palette for a while, not since Modern Renaissance, but as soon as I saw Soft Glam I knew that I needed it in my life.  Now I’m on a makeup spending ban and I’m sticking to it, with one teeny exception that you’ll see in a few weeks, so I resigned myself to just admiring it online.

Thankfully, Mick knew I wanted something from ABH and decided to surprise me.  Ok, so he got a little confused and ordered me the new Dream Glow Kit (review coming soon).  He then rectified his awesome mistake and ordered me Soft Glam.  I have committed the ultimate blogger sin and have used the palette several times before taking the photos for this post, but it was too pretty to resist.

ABH Soft Glam

After seeing the reviews on Subculture, I’d been a little wary about how well Soft Glam would perform, but I needn’t have worried.  Is there fallout?  Yes there is – quite a bit, but I’ve come to expect this from ABH palettes and try to look past it.  My main concern was how well it would blend – would there be muddiness?  I’m happy to report that the shades all blend together nicely and there have been no disasters.

Soft Glam consists of 14 shades (7 new and 7 existing ABH shades), and it is a beautiful blend of neutrals in a mix of mattes and stunning metallics.  I love browns, oranges and gold, so this palette was made for me.  The pigmentation of the shades is exceptional and I do think that this is one of ABH’s best palettes in a long time.

ABH Soft Glam

TEMPERA – velvet beige matte

GLISTENING – iridescent gold metallic with pink tones

ORANGE SODA – pastel peach matte

ROSE PINK – rose gold metallic with iridescent pink shift

SULTRY – chocolate brown satin metallic

BRONZE – golden bronze metallic

MULBERRY – mulberry red / pink matte

ABH Soft Glam

DUSTY ROSE – dusty lilac matte

FAIRY – light gold metallic

BURNT ORANGE – deep orange matte

SIENNA – earthy brown matte

RUSTIC – cinnamon brown matte

CYPRUS UMBER – dark coffee brown matte

NOIR – deep carbon black matte

ABH Soft Glam

ABH Soft Glam

I do think that Soft Glam is quite a versatile palette – you can go soft and pretty, or deepen it up for the evenings.  For me, I think the most use it will get will be as a day to day palette as I love me some neutrals.

What really surprised me is that the mattes (with the exception of Noir) don’t feel dry or patchy – they are extremely easy to work with and you can’t always say that about matte eyeshadows.  The metallics are buttery and ok, they’re a bit messy, but they really do look beautiful.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam costs £43.00 and is available from Cult Beauty.

ABH Soft Glam