Creme De La Mer – Is It Worth It?

Creme De La Mer

Creme de la Mer … the second you hear that name you just think of luxury.  We’ve all heard the stories of super-rich celebs who cover themselves in this wonder cream, but is it worth the hefty price tag for us mere mortals?

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The La Mer Glossybox – It’s Amazing

La Mer Glossybox

Hello Bunnies!

I have a wishlist as long as your arm of high-end products that I would really like, no make that need, in my life and one of these is Creme De La Mer.  Mick did offer to buy me some for Christmas, but it is so expensive that I said no *sob*.  I have tried a couple of La Mer products before as a friend sent me some samples and I loved it, but I resigned myself to the fact that it was just out of my price range *more sobs*.  Then along came the clever little buggers at Glossybox who have teamed up with La Mer for what I can only describe as my box of dreams.

The box cost £35.00 for Glossy subscribers, or £40.00 for non-subscribers and it sold out so fast – luckily, I was faster than Usain Bolt and managed to get my paws on not one, but two of the boxes.  Now before you think that I’m a greedy cow, I had heard that the samples were quite small, so I figured having two of everything would give me more of a chance to really test them … that’s my justification and I am sticking to it.

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