Sunday Riley CEO Cleansing Oil *

Sunday Riley CEO cleansing oil

The Sunday Riley CEO Cleansing Oil is amazing.  I could leave it there, but that wouldn’t make me much of a blogger, so I will tell you why it is amazing.  I received my bottle in January’s Mintd Box and have spent the past month falling more and more in love with it.

I’m already a huge fan of Sunday Riley and I am slowly growing a good collection, so this is a welcome addition to my stash.  Now I used to hate oils, and it was actually using Luna that converted me to the joys of an oil, but I was a bit wary of using a cleansing oil.

I had previously tried an oil-based Micellar Water and absolutely hated how it made my skin feel, so at first I was a little bit apprehensive of how well this would work for me.  Ladies, it was love at first use and that love has grown all throughout January.

Throughout my time as a beauty blogger, I have tested so many cleansers and makeup removers and I’ve found some gems – this is definitely amongst my top 3.  Mascara is my drug of choice and I like to layer it on like a bitch, which is great … until it comes to removing it.  My eyes can be really sensitive, and rubbing away at the 4 layers of mascara isn’t fun.  Afterwards, my eyes are sore and they sting … until now.

I have been using this all over my face as part of my cleansing routine (which is ridiculously long as I love cleansing … a lot), and I can honestly say that it has made removing all of my makeup so much easier.  I don’t tend to layer that much makeup on my face as I prefer a natural base, but I do go in hard on the eyes.  There’ll be 4 different eyeshadows, liner, highlighter and then the masses of mascara, so a cleanser has a lot of work to do.  As always, Sunday Riley doesn’t disappoint.  I know that I sound like a fan girl, but I’ve yet to have an issue with any of their products.

Sunday Riley CEO cleansing oil

Sunday Riley CEO cleansing oil

The CEO Cleansing Oil (I can’t be bothered typing out the full name as it’s long and SEO and all that ya know), is suitable for all skin types.  Yep, even oily skin.  Believe it or not, you don’t have to avoid all oils if you have an oily complexion.  Sometimes they can work amazingly well together.

Wearing makeup, and just life in general, can result in clogged pores and your complexion looking dull and this cleansing oil tackles that with ease.  It dissolves the debris that clogs the pores, reduces excess oil in the skin, tackles micro-pollution particles and leaves you with a bright and calm complexion.  Your makeup is instantly dissolved and you don’t have to spend 15 minutes scrubbing away at your eyes.

It contains gentle white willow bark and lime pearl extracts (that are rich in both BHA and AHA), to gently refresh the skin.  Turmeric and Vitamin C also provide antioxidant rich and calming skin support.  You’re left with a clean, smooth and healthy looking complexion … and best of all, no sore eyes!

Sunday Riley CEO Cleansing Oil is available from Cult Beauty for £35.00.

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