My Summer Makeup Edit – Base & Cheeks

Summer Beauty Edit

Hello Bunnies!

 Summer is almost here (there were glimpses of it the other week), so it is time to change up my makeup.  I tend to go a lot lighter with my makeup during the Summer months and very rarely use face powder or heavy foundations.  I like to alternate between quite bronzed looks and then bolder, brighter looks than I go for during Winter.  Some of the products I have included don’t seem to be available now, but there’s always products that are similar available on the market.


Summer Beauty Edit

During Summer I like as light a base as possible.  I don’t want to be hot and worry that my foundation is going to slide down my face.  Also, I want any colour I’ve caught to come through, so base products will always be light.  I don’t use face powder during Summer at all.  Now you may think that I’m mad for this – surely I want to set the little base I do have?  Well yes I do, but I rely on Setting Sprays for this.  I just do not like a powdery feel during the warmer months at all, but that’s my personal preference.

DIOR GLOW MAXIMIZER:  radiance boosting primer that brightens, sculpts and amplify skin’s natural light.  This appears to have been discontinued, but if you can find it then it’s well worth buying.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY WONDER GLOW:  light reflecting face primer that gives you a beautiful dewy look and added radiance.  You can wear this under foundation or by itself.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIGHT WONDER:  light coverage foundation that smooths, hydrates and illuminates whilst allowing your skin to breathe and providing a beautiful natural finish.

URBAN DECAY NAKED ONE & DONE:  hybrid complexion cream that is like a tinted moisturiser and a sheer foundation in one.  It gives a nice light coverage and leaves your skin looking amazing.

LIZ EARLE SHEER SKIN TINT:  a rich, creamy and lightweight tinted moisturiser that gives a gorgeous dewy finish whilst helping to nourish the skin.

BOURJOIS RADIANCE REVEAL:  light enhancing concealer that works like a dream whilst smoothing and hydrating the skin under the eyes.

YSL TOUCHE ECLAT:  illuminating pen that conceals, highlights and contours whilst adding instant radiance to the face and brightening up your complexion.


Summer Beauty Edit

I’m not usually much of a bronzer sort of girl, but in Summer it has to be done.  I don’t tend to fake tan that much and I can’t sit in the sun for too long (damn moles), so I rely on bronzer to give me that sun-kissed look.  I can cope with being whiter than a milk bottle for the rest of the year, but in Summer I want to look bronzed and healthy.  Having said that, I do tend to go for quite subtle bronzers as I can quite easily apply too much and end up looking like David Dickinson.  Not a good look.

TOM FORD BRONZING POWDER IN GOLD DUST:  oil-free bronzing powder with silky, lightweight texture for natural looking radiance and a subtle shimmer finish.

NARS LAGUNA:  finely milled cult classic that creates the ultimate healthy glow and adds a lovely warmth to the complexion.

URBAN DECAY BEACHED BRONZER IN SUNKISSED:  silky soft bronzer that gives you a radiant, yet subtle, sun-kissed look with a matte finish.


Summer Beauty Edit

Summer always has me reaching for peach toned blushers.  There’s just something about peaches and corals that add the prettiest flush of colour to the cheeks, especially if you have a tan.  I think that they are flattering on all skin tones and are a must have for the Summer months.

BENEFIT CORALISTA:  warm coral-pink blush with a hint of pearl that looks gorgeous on all skin tones and is perfect for Summer.

BENEFIT CALIFORNIA:  a sunny golden-pink blush with hints of gold.  It gives the warmest glow to the cheeks to give you that California beach babe look.

TOO FACED SWEET PEACH:  this smells of peaches!  Oh and the rich bronzed peach shade is gorgeous as well, but yeah, it smells of peaches.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY BEACH STICK IN LAS SALINAS:  candy pink blush stick with glowing pigments and a moisturising, creamy finish.


Summer Beauty Edit

It wouldn’t be Summer without highlighter.  Ok, so we all love it all year round, but in Summer, you can get away with that little bit more.  I love a glowing look, so highlighter is a staple for me.  I use it pretty much all over and in all different shades and finishes.  I think I’ve done well to narrow it down to just 6 products – it was hard to choose!

TOO FACED SWEET PEACH GLOW:  in theory, this little palette could see you the whole way through Summer.  It has a blush, bronzer and the prettiest highlighter.  I however, can’t limit myself to one product for the next couple of months, but this really is ideal for the warmer weather.

 TOM FORD NIGHTBLOOM IN BLACK BLOOM:  light-medium gold highlighter with a shimmer finish.  It is beautiful, very pigmented and definitely not for those who want a subtle glow.  I bloody love it!

THEBALM CINDY-LOU MANIZER:  light-reflecting peachy pink shimmer that is beautiful on the cheeks and as an eyeshadow.  It is softer and warmer than Mary-Lou.

BENEFIT DANDELION DEW:  before you think I’ve gone mad, I know that this is a liquid blush.  However, I like to mix it with liquid illuminators, such as High Beam, for a subtle and delicate glow.

THE BODY SHOP INSTA GLOW IN PEACHY GLOW:  this is actually a CC Cream, but it works to illuminate.  It adds a subtle glow to the skin with a gorgeous peach tint.

PIXI GLOW BOOSTER:  so this is classed as a primer, but it can be used to highlight.  It brightens the complexion and gives a dewy, radiant finish to the skin.

So there we have the first part of my Summer Beauty Edit.  I have had to split it into two posts or it would be stupidly long.  Some of the items don’t necessarily fit into the categories that I’ve put the in, but that’s the beauty of makeup.  It is versatile and there are no rules.  Part 2 will be coming up soon.

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