Spoiler – Diptyque Advent Calendar

Diptyque Advent

Hello Bunnies!

I seem to have gone a little Advent Calendar crazy this year (there’s going to about 6 in total), and this Diptyque Advent Calendar has to be one of my favourites.  I love their candles, so the thought of 25 treats is almost too much for me to handle.  I am so excited.  Ok, so it costs an arm and half a leg (£250), but if you can look past the price, then this is just the loveliest of lovely calendars.

Diptyque Advent Calendar 2016

If you don’t want to know what is included in this calendar, then look away now.


Diptyque Advent

FIGUIER MINI CANDLE – scents from all aspects of the fig tree including the bark, leaves and fruit.


Diptyque Advent

EAU DUELLE EDT – spicy fragrance that is dark yet light, gentle yet strong, and warm yet cool.


Diptyque Advent

AMBRE MINI CANDLE – notes of vetiver, patchouli, aniseed, spices, incense, and tonic bean.


Diptyque Advent

FEU DE BOIS MINI CANDLE – blend of woody notes that remind you of open fires and winter days.


Diptyque Advent

L’OMBRE DANS L’EAU EDT – notes of Bulgarian rose petals and the leaves of the blackcurrant bush.


Diptyque Advent

POMANDER MINI CANDLE – festive notes of orange, cloves and cinnamon.


Diptyque Advent

34 EDT – fruity and floral notes of blackcurrants, rose, geraniums, citrus fruits and spices.


Diptyque Advent

VANILLE MINI CANDLE – vanilla orchid, spices, sandalwood and Bourbon vanilla all blended together with woody accents.


Diptyque Advent

POMMADE EXFOLIANTE – body polish infused with jojoba and silica beads, and rich in pomegranate oil, jasmine and peach butter.

DAY 10

Diptyque Advent

EUCALYPTUS MINI CANDLE – notes of camphor, Eucalyptus leaves and bark create a distinctive scent.

DAY 11

Diptyque Advent

TAM DAO EDT – delicious notes of sandalwood, rosewood, cypress and ambergris.

DAY 12

Diptyque Advent

ORANGER MINI CANDLE – tangy and slightly spicy with notes from the whole orange tree – including the bark, leaf and zest.

DAY 13

Diptyque Advent

BENJOIN MINI CANDLE – woody notes blended with patchouli and Indian cypriol.

DAY 14

Diptyque Advent

EAU INFUSEE – soothes, moisturises and prepares the skin.  Infused with rose hydrofoil, essential nutrients and vitamins.

DAY 15

Diptyque Advent

DO SON EDT – notes of orange leaves, tuberose, pink peppercorns and musk create a fresh, sweet fragrance.

DAY 16

Diptyque Advent

CYPRES MINI CANDLE – scents of a Mediterranean cypress tree with warm notes of honey and resin.

DAY 17

Diptyque Advent

GENEVRIER MINI CANDLE – woody notes with fruity, bitter and tart accords – it smells like a walk through a forest of conifers.

DAY 18

Diptyque Advent

VETYVERIO EDT – blend of vetiver and a floral bouquet that evokes strong sensations and contrasting temperatures.

DAY 19

Diptyque Advent

NOISETIER MINI CANDLE – a spicy woody fragrance with a touch of smokiness.

DAY 20

Diptyque Advent

34 MINI CANDLE – fresh, green and spicy accords of damp mosses, blackcurrant leaves and sun-dried fig leaves.

DAY 21

Diptyque Advent

OPOPANAX MINI CANDLE – extracted from the bush of Persia, the resin is captivating and enigmatic by the balsamic notes.

 DAY 22

Diptyque Advent

OUD MINI CANDLE – mysterious woody scent enhanced by oriental facets of incense and warm notes of patchouli and sandalwood.

DAY 23

Diptyque Advent

PHILOSYKOS EDT – woody and racy with fig leaves, wood and cedar notes.

DAY 24

Diptyque Advent

MYRRHE MINI CANDLE – a sensual fragrance from Ancient Times, it pays homage to the amber resin burned during an offering.


Diptyque Advent

LE ROI SAPIN CHRISTMAS CANDLE – the scent of a lush pine forest with notes of resin, cedar and patchouli.

I bloody love this calendar and can’t wait for December to start so I can use all of these goodies.

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