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Pixi Beauty

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I think we all know by now that I am massive fan of Pixi Beauty and their products.  I’ve got another review coming soon, but today it’s all about sheer and glowing beauty.  According to the calendar, we are now in Summer (shame no-one told the weather), and in Summer I like to use less products.  Multi-use products are great for taking away on holiday and these little lovelies from Pixi are beautiful.

Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty


Ok, so the swatches look like jam, but I wanted to show you the consistency – obviously you don’t use that much lol. Whilst it is described as a sheer cheek gel, it can also be used on the lips too.  The gel is sheer and translucent and adds a natural looking yet long-lasting flush of colour to the cheeks and lips.

At first, I was a bit daunted by these as they’re a lot more pigmented than I had expected.  With visions of clowns running through my head, I was a bit scared when I first used them.  Thankfully, you only need to use a very small amount of product to get the desired ‘flush’ and they’re not scary to use at all.

You just take a small amount and sweep into the apples of the cheeks and blend …  notice how I said ‘sweep’.  Rubbing won’t give you the result you’re after, so use a gentle sweeping motion.  You can wear the gel alone, or if you want them to stay on longer, you can layer them under powder or bronzer.  I really like wearing them on their own and have found they stay on all day anyway.

Each sheer gel is oil and fragrance-free as well as being hypoallergenic.  They also contain Aloe Vera that soaks into your skin and lips to soother and heal, as well as Sodium PCA to bind moisture into the skin.  I love how hydrating an moisturising these feel and that they don’t feel sticky to wear.

The three shades shown above are:




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Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty


I’m not the biggest gloss lover, but these are really nice.  I like the fact that whilst it’s a dual use product, you can use each end individually.  On one end there’s an indelible, long-lasting lip stain and on the other end there’s a gloss in a corresponding colour.  So in theory, you can get 3 lip looks out of one product – I like that.

The stain adds a beautiful touch of colour to the lips and it looks great on it’s own.  However, the you add the gloss, it gives you a multi-dimensional lip look without any stickiness.  Ok, so they don’t stay on all day, especially if you’re eating or drinking, but that doesn’t even bother me.  The gloss contains jojoba and feels nice and hydrating on the lips, so even a non-gloss lover like me, can appreciate how nice it feels to wear.

The three shades that I have are:

BERRYTINT & SWEETGLOSS – raspberry & pale pink

PINKTINT & PRETTYGLOSS – pale pink & hot pink


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So if you like multi-purpose products or just want some pretty yet sheer products for your Summer look, then go check out Pixi Beauty.

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