Project Pan – Can I Do It?

Project Pan

Hello Bunnies!

Anyone who follows me on Social Media will know that I have quite a lot of makeup.  Some days I actually think there might be too much.  I have recently sold quite a bit, but I still have drawers and drawers full of the stuff.  I’ve seen lots of people doing a Project Pan and now the time has come for me to try.  I’m hoping that doing this will not only use up some neglected or old makeup, but also show me what products I really love and what I don’t.  As much as I adore makeup, I want less things in my life, so fingers crossed I can stick to this.

Project Pan


One woman does not need 20 foundations.  After a big clearout, I threw away some old ones and gave away ones that are the wrong shade.  There are certain foundations that I will always repurchase (Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder & NARS Sheer Glow), but I still have a lot.  Again, I don’t need a million different concealers or powders, so on the days when I don’t want a specific look, these are the items I will be using.

TOO FACED HANGOVER PRIMER – I was really on the fence with this primer, but I’ve used it daily for the last 2 weeks and I have fallen back in love with it.

CHANEL PERFECTION LUMIERE – This was one of the first high end foundations I bought and I’ve repurchased it a couple of times.  Sadly, my skin now hates it and it oxidises and separates on me, so I can’t wait to use this one up.

URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN – For the past 2 years this has been my Holy Grail, but in recent months I’ve found myself reaching for other products, so time will tell whether I fall back in love with it.

CHANEL ECLAT LUMIERE – I fell out of love with Touche Eclat (the love is back), so I kept buying this.  Now, I never use it as I prefer The Retoucher from Charlotte Tilbury so it needs using up.

BOBBI BROWN SHEER FINISH PRESSED POWDER – Oh how I love this powder.  The only reason that this is in my Project Pan is because I’ve had it ages and would quite like to buy a new one.

Project Pan


Ok, this is the area I really need to start making a dent on.  The number of palettes, mascaras and eyeliners I own is ridiculous and a lot end up getting forgotten about.  Some days I know exactly what palette I want to use but then there’s the days where I have no clue, so hopefully by doing this I will use more of the ones I have.

THEBALM NUDE DUDE – I bought this ages ago and then a couple of weeks later it made it’s way to the drawer never to be seen again.  I’d forgotten how lovely it is and have been enjoying using this again.

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX – A mascara the most people love, and I’m no different.  I already have a new one waiting to be used, so this one needs to be used up and fast.

LANCOME GRANDIOSE – When I first got this, I adored it and then suddenly stopped using it.  After two weeks of using this more, I already know I will be rebuying this.  It’s so good.

THE BODY SHOP SKINNY FELT LINER – Wings freak me out so I tend to stick with kohl liners.  However, I do have a lot of felt liners for when I’m feeling brave.  I don’t love this one so want to use it up and get rid.

ANASTASIA BROW WIZ – This was my go to for my brows for the longest time, but I just don’t love it anymore.  It’s too thin for what I want so I’m looking forward to this being gone.

Project Pan


From blushers to bronzers to highlighters, I have a lot of cheek products.  I realised that I was repeatedly using the same products and that some had never even been touched.  So I dug out some that were either unused or unloved and have started to use them a lot more.

MAC DEFINING BRONZING POWDER – There’s a reason this lived in a drawer for so long – there’s very little colour payoff and I’m always disappointed when I use it.  I’ve been finding I have to apply quite a lot to even see it on my cheeks.

CLARINS ILLUMINATING CHEEK COLOUR IN SOFT PEACH – Clarins is a brand I loved yet I’d totally forgotten that I had this.  It is so pretty and looks lovely on my cheeks.  A love affair has begun.

LAURA MERCIER FACE ILLUMINATOR IN INDISCRETION – Laura Mercier highlighters are beautiful yet this has hardly been used.  I’ve been enjoying using it for the days I want a soft glow.  I don’t love it, yet, but I am liking using it.

MAC EXTRA DIMENSION SKINFINISH IN SOFT FROST – A white toned highlighter is usually something I love.  I like to use them under the brow line, but this one has a purple tint to it which does not look nice on me.  It’s going to be hard to finish this one.

BARE MINERALS DIMENSIONAL POWDER TRIO – When I saw this in Selfridges months ago, I fell in love – then I used it twice.  So, I’m going to work with the lack of pigment and the powdery feel and persevere with it until I hit pan.  Then I won’t buy it again.

Project Pan


This was a difficult one for me as I have a lot of lip products.  I’ve chosen ones that I’ve either had too long or that have been neglected.  It always makes me laugh to see just how many lipsticks I now have.  A few years ago I just wasn’t that into them, so times have definitely changed.  If I take anything from this Project Pan, it’s to use my lipsticks more.

RIMMEL LASTING FINISH IN 170 ALARM – You can’t beat a red lipstick and I have a lot.  I do like this Rimmel one but I’ve had it for a long time and it really needs to be used.  The trouble is I have to really be in the mood for red, so this one may take a while.

MAYBELLINE COLOUR SENSATIONAL IN 725 TANTALIZING TAUPE – Confession time … this has been in my stash for a very very long time.  I’m not too sure how long lipsticks last, but I really need to get this finished.  I like the shade and formula, but I just don’t reach for it anymore.

MAC CREMESHEEN IN CROSSWIRES – If memory serves me well, I think this was one of the first MAC lipsticks I bought.  I don’t even know why I went for this shade as it’s not really ‘me’.  However, I don’t like things to go to waste so use it I will.

THE BODY SHOP MATTE LIP LIQUID IN TAIPEI ORCHID – Liquid lipsticks are starting to take over my life and that results in some being a little unloved.  The Body Shop Lip Liquids are really nice and creamy and I feel bad that I haven’t used this one more.

COLOURPOP LIPPIE STIX IN UPSIDE DOWN – I’m very late to the ColourPop party. Whilst I love the formula of this, the shade does not suit me at all.  I can’t see myself totally finishing this but I will give it a good old go.

Project Pan


Not gonna lie, I am a perfume whore and fragrances I previously loved have been replaced and neglected.  I feel bad about this, so I want to use up a few older ones.  When choosing which ones to include, I wanted scents that were suitable for Summer and ones that I’d already made a good dent in.

VIKTOR & ROLF FLOWERBOMB – Oh Flowerbomb, I do love you and I’ve missed you.  There’s not a lot left in the bottle and it is quite old now.  I want to use it up before getting a new bottle that I won’t neglect.

JIMMY CHOO BLOSSOM – When I first go this I loved it, but it now smells a bit synthetic to me so I just want to use it and move on. I do like Jimmy Choo fragrances but my nose has gone off this one.

So there we have it – this is my first Project Pan.  I’m not saying that I will use these products every single day but I am determined to use them a lot more.  I think I’m off to a pretty good start and will keep you updated.

Have any of you tried a Project Pan before?


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