November Glossybox – Unboxing & Spoiler *

November Glossybox

Hello Bunnies!

November has hit with the daunting reminder that Christmas is just around the corner.  For once I’m not ridiculously organised and I’m now mildly panicked.  A new month means a new Glossybox, so I’ve been a good little blogger and unboxed it for you all.

According to the card that comes with the box, November’s box is all about getting cosy.  They even mention Hygge (oh I’m so over that trend), but for me, they’ve massively missed the mark with this box.

As you will see, the items in the box don’t seem to work with a cosy theme and whilst they’re nice enough products they just don’t work.  Whilst not every box needs to be themed, if they say it’s about a cosy night in then the products should at least reflect that.

November Glossybox

November Glossybox


It’s not often we’re bowled over by a body wash but this is making our showers all the more relaxing.  Good enough (though we don’t recommend it), this plant-based body wash is made in the UK with a good dose of Ayuverdic wisdom straight from the Himalayas, making it as calming as it is cleansing.  It’s great for eczema, dry or sensitive skin and contains organic Mexican aloe vera to hydrate and soothe.

I’ve recently developed patches of eczema, so this does sound good.  I always find Aloe Vera products nice and soothing when my skin is irritated, and this will be getting used.  I’m not a fan of the scent and find it to be a bit medicinal smelling, but I’m looking forward to trying this.

November Glossybox


Since this brush has entered – or swept – into our lives, our blending has been on point.  This is because the incredibly soft, short bristles are perfect for buffing and blending as well as seamlessly contouring and highlighting so makeup looks like your skin – just a bit better.

I love makeup brushes and this one seems nice enough.  The bristles are super soft and the head has a nice shape that will work well for contouring.  It does seem a little bit on the cheap side, but so long as it does the job I don’t mind.

November Glossybox


Finding the perfect brow pencil is like searching for the perfect mascara.  Search no more: this defining brow powder is an essential, whether you want to fill in sparse areas or just add depth.  The formulation contains fibre particles to add instant volume and the fine-tipped nib lets you create natural hair-like strokes.  Wear alone or layer over brow pencil.

I’ve tried very similar brow products to this and I wasn’t a fan.  The powder can be a bit messy and I find the fine nib a bit awkward to use.  It’s down to personal preference when it comes to brows, but for me I prefer a pencil or pressed powder.  Plus, mine is in blonde and I’m so not blonde.

November Glossybox


What did we do before the no-mess sheet mask!  Originally a Korean trend, sheet masks have become a staple part of our weekly skincare regime.  This powerful mask contains willow bark and charcoal to purify.  Place it over cleansed skin for 15 minutes, remove and then massage any remaining serum into your skin.

I am a huge fan of sheet masks, so this one has excited me.  Charcoal is always a winner with me as I love products that purify the skin.  Including a sheet mask makes sense to me, as I love getting cosy in front of Netflix whilst slapping a mask on my face.  I’m happy with this one.

November Glossybox


As winter hits, repair dry, chapped lips with this limited edition lip balm, created exclusively for Glossybox.  The candy floss-flavoured pink tint leaves behind a sheer wash of colour while the high-performance formula, infused with SPF 15, vitamins and antioxidants, softens and soothes to protect your pout.

Again, I understand why they’d include a lip balm, although I’d have preferred to have seen a more Autumnal flavour. I’m not a fan of the packaging, but it does feel nice on the lips.  My lips always suffer in Winter, so whilst I don’t love this, it does make sense.

Overall I’m not blown away this month.  Some of the products feel quite low value and it just doesn’t make sense to me.  Why include a brow product and a makeup brush in a box that’s about getting cosy?  I hope their Christmas box hits the spot.

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