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Pixi Beauty Mists

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Pixi Beauty are continuing on their mission to take the beauty world by storm and they are introducing us to the concept of Multi-Misting.  The different mists have different purposes and textures and the idea is that you can layer them to suit what your skin needs.  When these arrived a couple of weeks ago I was very excited.  Now my post on these is quite slow in going up because I really wanted to put them to the test … and I love them.

Pixi Beauty Mists

Pixi Beauty Mists

I love vitamin sprays, so I knew that I would like the Vitamin Wakeup Mist (£16.00), which is an energising facial water.

It is described as being a boosting treatment toner and it works to give your complexion a revitalised look and to leave you looking more awake.  I love using this in the morning, quite often before I even do any of my skincare regime (other than cleansing), as it really does feel lovely and fresh on the skin.  It smells incredible thanks to the Orange Blossom water base and it is also blended with Citrus Fruit extracts that are great for the skin, as well as Lavender and Arginine.

There are so many ways that you can use this: you can use it before you moisturise to help strengthen and tone the skin; after you have applied your makeup to add hydration to the skin as well as a protective veil; or, anytime that you need to cool and refresh the face.  My skin needs all the help that it can get at the moment, so this has been a favourite to use.

Pixi Beauty Mists

Now we all love Glow Tonic, so when I saw that they had sent me Glow Mist (£16.00), I got a little bit excited.

 My skin tends to be on the dull side, so I am all about products that will boost my complexion and make me look that little bit less dead.  Glow Mist promises radiant and dewy skin which is so far up my street, so this has been used a lot over the last couple of weeks.  It gives your skin a lovely glowy and luminous effect whilst also helping to smooth the complexion, as well as adding hydration, nourishment and protection.  I

t is enriched with a blend of 13 natural oils, Propolis, Aloe Vera and Fruit Extracts so you know you’re not spraying your face with a load of chemical nasties.  It works nicely for setting your makeup, giving you that dewy finish as well as some protection, or for when you want to refresh your makeup and add more hydration or glow.  I also use this on makeup-free days when I just want my skin to look that little bit healthier.  I bloody love it!

Pixi Beauty Mists

I also have very dry skin (thanks for that menopause), so keeping my skin hydrated and moisturised is really important to me, so the Hydrating Milky Mist (£18.00) has been great for dealing with that.

It has a featherlight formula and feels nice and light on the skin, whilst also being deeply hydrating.  It provides the complexion with an instant surge of Hyaluronic Acid which helps to plump up the skin, and the blend of Black Oat, Provitamin A and Linoleic Acid work together to moisturise before you continue with the rest of your skincare.

 My skin has been really dry and uncomfortable lately due to it still being cold here and my need to have the central heating on for most of the day, so I have been spraying this a few times a day (on the no makeup days) and it really has been helping.  If you have dry skin, then I highly recommend this.

Pixi Beauty Mist

The final mist that they sent was the Makeup Fixing Mist (£16.00) and this was the one I was least excited about – I have a drawer full of setting sprays, so I didn’t think that this could offer me anything that they couldn’t … I was wrong.

 Yes it sets your makeup and prolongs the wear time, but it also does so much more.  I’m starting to get a lot of lines on my forehead (years of scowling probably lol), and my foundation often ends up settling in those lines and it drives me mad.  This mist really helped to stop that as well as stopping my makeup from sliding off my face when I’m having a hot flush.

 It has a really lovely gentle formula that is infused with Rose Water and Green Tea and it feels quite soothing on the skin.  The best bit though?  It gives you a really nice soft focus effect which I love.  So I am sorry for underestimating you.  Very very sorry.

You can pick all of these up from Pixi Beauty.

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