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Misguided Babe Power

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When I think of Missguided, I think of clothes that I will probably never fit into (*sob*), but I don’t automatically think of perfume.  However, that’s changing with the launch of Babe Power, their new scent.  Apparently it has outsold other top fragrances since it launched and if you haven’t seen this all over your social media recently, then I am guessing you soon will.

Misguided Babe Power

Misguided Babe Power

Misguided Babe Power

Missguided Babe Power is described as being the embodiment of the iconic Missguided brand although as a 34 year old, I do feel that this is aimed more at a younger market.  The Babe Power Commandments are very much of the social media era, with its ‘slay the selfie’ and the inner feminist in some of us might find it all a bit twee and slightly demeaning, but maybe I’m just looking too deeply into it.

 I can imagine a younger woman really relating to the words and would love nothing more than to be one of the #babesofmissguided – I just think I am from a slightly different generation.

Missguided say that Babe Power is made for the girl who wants her scent to match her unapologetic attitude, as well as evoking feelings of strength, confidence and femininity.  The cynic in me thinks that Missguided have latched onto (cleverly) the whole Boss Babe mentality, and whilst I do understand their message, it just isn’t working for me as a marketing ploy.  We can be strong, indecent women without having to dumb ourselves down, and to me, this is where the marketing fails a bit.  Anyway, you really want to know about the perfume, so let’s carry on.

Misguided Babe Power

Misguided Babe Power

Misguided Babe Power

I do love the packaging.  Babe Power is housed in a beautiful rose gold (so blogger) chrome can and I love that you press the ‘ring pull’ to spray the scent.

 I am getting slightly bored of the whole rose gold trend but there is no denying that this does look lovely and will appeal to many.  Missguided say that they wanted it to capture the fun, different and bold essence of their brand.  I think the can design has done this but maybe having it in rose gold (although it does look really good) is perhaps a bit cliche.  I am definitely a cynical old bat today lol.


Grapefruit Zest

Sour Cherry

Crisp Apple

Pink Pepper


Orange Blossom

Soft Peony





Candy Floss

Amber Crystals

Babe Power does smell really nice, but I have found that the scent isn’t as long-lasting as I’d have liked and within an hour it has quite a synthetic aroma, which I am not crazy about.  I think if this had been available when I was a teenager, then I would have absolutely loved it, but as an adult, it just smells a bit too sweet and a bit too manufactured.  I can really see the younger market loving it though.  At £28.00 it isn’t too hard on the pocket and I imagine that this will do very well amongst Missguided’s target demographic.

Misguided Babe Power

If you purchase Babe Power from The Fragrance Shop, Boots, Superdrug or The Perfume Shop, you’ll also get this rose gold double-banded choker (worth over £10.00) for free.

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