Mintd Box Recharge – January Box *

Mintd Box Recharge

It’s January and the Mintd Box Recharge edition has arrived.  I think by now it’s clear that I absolutely love Mintd Box and I was excited to see what they had in store for us this month.  I’m pleased to report that they haven’t disappointed.

Reawaken your skin with this New Year’s Mintd Recharge Edition, beautifying every hour of your day.  With the hectic festive season over, it is time to recharge, revitalise and renew your tired skin.  Time to take a moment, relax and tend to your skin’s needs.  Give yourself that extra boost and recharge your beauty inside and out this year.

Mintd Box Recharge


Instantly dissolve and remove makeup (even water-resistant eye makeup), pore-clogging debris, excess oil, and micro-pollution for a perfectly, thoroughly cleansed complexion.  With gentle white willow bark and lime pearl extracts – rich in beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) – this oil gently refreshes the skin, while numeric and vitamin C provide antioxidant rich, calming skin support, for a clean, healthy-looking and smooth complexion.

I adore Sunday Riley and their CEO range, so I am so happy to have this oil.  I love cleansing oils, so I couldn’t wait to start using it.  It really does remove your makeup, even the layers of mascara I put on, and my skin felt smooth, soft and refreshed after using the oil.

This is a full size bottle worth £35.00 and I absolutely love it.  Admittedly, Sunday Riley can do no wrong with me.

Mintd Box Recharge


An intensely hydrating gel face mask and skin plumper with 3D filling spheres and gransil.  This moisturising face mask will plump the appearance of fine lines and maintain hydration levels, providing comfort to dehydrated and dry skin.  Imperfections will be smoothed out and complexion firmer looking.

Key Benefits:  soothes redness and irritation; plumps up fine lines and wrinkles; provides mild exfoliation; evens out skin complexion; and, regulates skin moisture content.

Rodial is a brand that I haven’t explored too much – I’ve just tried a few products, but I do like what I have tried from them.  Face masks will always make me happy, and I’ve enjoyed trying this one out. After use, I have noticed that my skin feels more hydrated and looks slightly plumper.  I’ve been having some redness recently, and it was definitely reduced after using this a couple of times.

Again, this is a full size product worth £45.00.

Mintd Box Recharge


An evocative and luxurious balm to indulge and pamper the senses.  Apply ESCAPE whenever you yearn for more exotic climes, need a bit of cheering up or crave a few precious moments for yourself.  The perfect way to recharge your batteries, gain perspective or inspiration, snd creativity and action will follow.  Also an excellent aid to meditation or yoga practice.

I’ve worked with Scentered before and really love their balms.  When you’re feeling a bit down or stressed, just rub it over your pulse points and inhale.  They really do calm you down and pick you up and are well worth keeping in your handbag for when the day starts to grind you down.

This is full size and worth £14.50.

Mintd Box Recharge


Instantly revitalise tired skin with this dynamic treatment.  Blending cryotherapy – ice-cold treatment – with botanical extract of wild indigo, this radiance-boosting ritual suits all skin types and is perfect to perk up skin ahead of makeup application.  Skin is visibly firmer and brightened in an instant.  Widely known for boosting skin function, this ice-cold treatment tightens the skin at the surface and promotes a feeling of wellbeing, whilst the wild indigo stimulates the release of b-endorphins.

I love these – they’re such a clever idea.  I’ve had the flu for the last couple of weeks and my skin has been dull and lacklustre.  I’ve been using these ice cubes to perk it back up.  They also recommend using them before you get ready for a night out but I’m too much of a nanna to leave the house at night.

Mintd Box Recharge is really spoiling us as this is another full size product with a value of £50.00.

Mintd Box Recharge


A nod to the ancient cleansing rituals of Morocco’s ornate bath houses; this brew inspired by the best chai tea is designed to heal and rejuvenate.  Warm and uplifting with cardamom and ginger, spices mile perfectly with oats, dates and cacao beans.  Spicy notes flood the senses, soothing the body.  Perfect after exercise, a meal or with chocolate.

Ok, so I’ve only just recently started drinking tea and I am not adventurous.  If it’s not Tetley or PG Tips then it won’t pass my lips.  Luckily Mick is not as fussy as I am so I will be giving this to him – he makes a good guinea pig.

This a super deluxe size sample worth £8.00 and a full size will cost you £20.00.

Seriously ladies, Mintd Box is the best £65.00 you can spend a month.  I haven’t been disappointed in any of the boxes I’ve had so far.  You can subscribe here.

* Contains PR Sample

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