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I have a Lush obsession, but usually I just stick to bath products.  However, when I was in the store the other day, I got tempted by their hair products.  I have never tried their shampoos before so didn’t know which one to pick … in the end, I went with the ones with the names I liked the best.  Luckily, my gamble paid off.



Packed with fresh fruit to deeply cleanse and clarify hair.  This is a fruit cocktail for the hair to cleanse and refresh it, softening seaweed to leave your locks super-shiny once they’re extra clean.  Freshly juiced pineapples, kiwi, mango and papaya are full of enzymes that help break down excess sebum on the scalp leaving your hair looking and feeling fresh and clean.

This is so fruity, and smells amazing.  I love how cleansed my hair feels after using it.  My hair tends to be quite dry after years of colouring, but it can also get greasy quite easily.  After using this, my hair felt so clean, with all grease gone, and no residue from other products left.  It feels super soft and smells beautiful.

Ingredients include:

Freshly Juiced Papaya – stimulating and brightening

Lemon Oil – uplifting and refreshing

Fresh Pineapple Juice – deeply cleansing

Fresh Kiwi Juice – cleansing and nutritious

LUSH AMERICAN CREAM – 250g – £9.95


A milkshake thick conditioner with a strawberries and cream fragrance to leave your hair soft and shiny.  Fresh strawberries help cleanse the hair and are rich in vitamin C.  We’ve added a splash of orange juice to add gloss too, since its acidity makes the hair’s cuticles lie flat and allows it to reflect more light.  To top it off, this contains soothing clary sage and calming lavender for your scalp.

My hair needs conditioner as it can get knotty very easily.  This left my hair feeling so manageable and beautifully soft.  My hair had shine and body again, and felt nicer than it has felt in a long time.

Ingredients include:

Fair Trade Vanilla Pod Infusion – sweet and comforting

Honey Water – moisturising and antiseptic

Fresh Strawberries – a real superfood

Benzoin Resinoid – warming and sweetly perfumed

I will definitely be trying more of the haircare products from Lush, as these two make a gorgeous combination.

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