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Heyland Whittle

Hello Bunnies!

I do like it when an unexpected parcel arrives – especially one containing candles and  Heyland & Whittle know the way to my heart.  I have tried some of their products before so I knew what to expect but there are some new favourites in this selection.  When it comes to hand washes and body lotions, I am strictly a Jo Malone / Molton Brown kind of Bun, but the rest of the family have been loving these goodies.

Heyland Whittle

Heyland Whittle

Heyland Whittle

Anyone who knows me knows how much I like reed diffusers and candles, so these beauties were my favourite part of the package.  We have a tiny little hall / porch that can get really warm and smell a little bit musty, so the Neroli & Rose Reed Diffuser is on a little table in there.  As it’s such a small space, you really get the full scent when you open the door, and the blend of orange blossom and rose make a really welcoming aroma and first impression to my home.

I will admit that I have already finished the Greentea & Grapefruit candle – it was too lovely not to light straight away.  I had it by the fireplace in the living room, and the crisp, light scent really filled the room.  I loved walking in there whilst the candle was burning and just breathing in – it smelt so good.  With a burn time of 40 hours, and 100% pure soy sustainable wax, it’s a lovely high-quality candle and I am more than a little bit sad that it has finished.

The packaging of the Garden Pea Candle In A Can is so fun – it looks just like a tin of peas and it made me smile when I first saw it.  Again, this has a very fresh scent – I never expected to like the smell of peas so much.  I do prefer the candles in glass jars, but this is certainly fun.

For their full range of candles, click here.

Heyland Whittle

Heyland Whittle

I’m not really a fan of bars of soaps but I keep one by the sink for anyone else.  The Queen Of The Nile soap is rich and creamy and is suitable for those with dry skin.  It is made up of goats milk, cocoa butter and a range of essential oils.  I do like the scent of this, but I prefer liquid soaps.

As I mentioned, my hand wash tends to be Jo Malone (I’m so fancy), but I don’t like anyone else using it.  I’m selfish, I admit it.  For those who aren’t allowed to use my pretties, I like to have nice hand wash in the bathroom and kitchen, so this Clementine & Prosecco Hand Wash has been put to use.  It smells beautifully fresh and leaves the hands feeling clean and moisturised without any dryness.

To go along with the hand wash, there’s also the matching Hand Lotion.  Again, I like to have plenty of hand lotion around the house as I hate the feeling of having dry hands.  This is really nice, with Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Lavender and Green Tea and it helps to protect and repair the hands.

For more soaps and hand washes, click here.

I really recommend the candles and diffusers.  For me, choice of hand wash is a weird thing I have, but I’ve had positive feedback from the family.  Now I am off to drool over their other candles.

* Contains PR Samples


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