Look Fantastic Wanderlust Edition *

Look Fantastic Wanderlust

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Look Fantastic have quite possibly produced the prettiest box design I ever did see.  Their June box has the theme of Wanderlust – that urge to go off and explore.  The box has a stunning pink galaxy design that is so pretty that I can’t even … (ugh I did actually type that). The booklet that comes with the box is full of in-flight beauty essentials so if you’re off on holiday soon, this might just be for you.

Look Fantastic Wanderlust

As usual with the Look Fantastic boxes, there’s a free copy of Elle Magazine, with a fashion Holiday Edit and an interview with songstress Lana Del Ray.  I don’t tend to buy Elle much, so this is a nice little addition, as well as being good in-flight reading material.

Look Fantastic Wanderlust

Look Fantastic Wanderlust


These remind me a lot of the Pixi Glow Tonic To Go Pads and the premise is the same.  They are designed to revitalise the face – ideal after a long flight.  They contain a blend of Lactic and Glycolic Acids and leave you feeling nice and refreshed.  In keeping with Look Fantastic’s Wanderlust theme, they are a good size to just slip into your carry on bag so that you can quickly use them before landing.


I’m not much of a fan of Balance Me, but I know so many people who are.  This is a hydrating face cream designed to brighten the skin, as well as reducing shine and leaving the complexion looking even and perfected.  The moisturiser contains Neroli Oil, Spruce Knot and Bergamot Oil.  Again, it’s an ideal size for taking away with you, instead of having to take a large pot of face cream.

Look Fantastic Wanderlust

Look Fantastic Wanderlust


I’ve not used a Kerastase product in a year or two, so the addition of this shampoo in the Wanderlust box, is a good one.  From what I remember of them, they do leave your hair looking and feeling so clean and the bottle is the perfect size for taking on holiday.  This is ideal for damaged and brittle hair and leaves the hair smoother and stronger.


I love a good facial mist in the Summer, so well done Look Fantastic.  Whilst this isn’t a brand I tend to go for, it really is a lovely mist.  It is so refreshing and ideal for when you’re too hot or your skin is feeling dry or in need of a boost.  It contains Lemon, Rosewood and Sandalwood, and is the perfect addition to your travel bag.

Look Fantastic Wanderlust

Look Fantastic Wanderlust


I admit that I don’t really buy ModelCo or even that many lip glosses, but this is actually really nice.  It’s a gorgeous orange / nude shade that feels hydrating on the lips without being overly sticky.  It has a lovely high-shine finish and is fairly long-lasting.  Your lips feel quite moisturised as you’re wearing this, so all in all, I have been pleasantly surprised.


Now we all know that I love highlighter – I am obsessed with the stuff, but this one?  Nah, not a fan.  Yes it is very pigmented and a nice shade, but I’m not about a loose pigment for my highlight.  I find them hard to control how much I am applying and they’re messy as hell.  I much prefer a pressed powder, so I just don’t love this at all.

Overall, I think the Wanderlust box is a great edit of Summer goodies, especially if you’re going away.  Look Fantastic have done well with this one.

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Look Fantastic Wanderlust


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