Look Fantastic – The #LFXMAS Edition

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So after subscribing to some so-called High End beauty boxes, and constantly being disappointed, I decided to go back to Look Fantastic.  I figured that with a cheap box, my expectations wouldn’t be quite as high, so if there were products that I liked, then it would be a pleasant surprise.  Also, £15.oo a month isn’t going to break the bank either.  I resubscribed in time for their Christmas box with it’s gorgeous rose gold packaging, so come and take a little look at what is inside (I also like the fact that I got a free copy of Elle with this).


This Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea scented bath bomb will leave your skin delicately fragranced.  Infused with Goji Berry, which is rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A and C to refresh and protect the skin, the bath bomb will leave you feeling relaxed and your body soothed.

I love bath bombs, so this is an exciting product for me.  It smells very fruity, so I am looking forward to relaxing in the tub with this.  I have used some items from Bubble T before and liked them, so this one is a winner for me.


For a hydrating treat in the colder weather, use the Skin Republic Face Mask.  It contains a blend of Caviar, which is extremely rich in vitamins to moisturise the skin, such as Vitamin E which helps to keep the skin protected from environmental aggressors.  Witch Hazel also helps to fight blemishes and CoQ10 to keep the skin healthy.

I love face masks and I am really starting to get into sheet masks.  My skin always suffers in the Winter months, so I like to have a few more pamper sessions.  I am looking forward to trying this and seeing if it can deliver on all the promises it makes.


If your skin is suffering from congestion, blemishes and dullness, this face wash will bring it back to life.  It contains Grapefruit Oil to gently cleanse the skin, while its sulphate-free formula leaves you feeling comfortable and refreshed.

I’m not the biggest fan of Balance Me, and I usually prefer cleansing balms over face washes, but this contains Frankincense Oil which makes me feel so festive, so I will definitely be giving this a go.  I don’t really have any blemishes but my skin does look quite dull at the moment, so hopefully this will help with that.


For a flawless complexion base and makeup that lasts, look no further than Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil.  It contains a blend of Vitamins C and B3, as well as Microalgae to nourish the skin, whilst providing a long-lasting base for your foundation.  The primer is so unique in texture that it is best applied with a stippling brush to buff into the skin.  You only need a tiny amount, a 5 pence piece will be enough.

I was so pleased to see Illamasqua in this box, as it is a brand that I really love.  I have wanted to try the Hydra Veil for a while, but when I looked at it a few months ago I didn’t feel like I really needed something that was rehydrating.  Fast forward to Winter, and my God do I need that extra hydration, so I will definitely be putting this to the test.


Nothing says Christmas glamour quite like a red lipstick, and this one from Mellow Cosmetics will make all your holiday wishes come true.  A matter formula, the lipstick is extremely long-lasting (great for that mistletoe kiss), and glides on smoothly to leave your lips pigmented and perfected.

I love red lipstick, especially at this time of year, so this excites me.  It’s more pink-toned than it looks but it is still very lovely.  I love that it’s a matte and I am optimistic that it won’t feel drying or uncomfortable to wear.


The elasticizer is designed to be used as a pre-shampoo treatment to add bounce, body and volume to hair, but it also adds incredible softness, leaving your locks in perfect condition.  As it’s incredibly lightweight, it doesn’t cause your hair to feel flat or heavy, making it suitable for those with very fine hair.  So after all those Christmas parties, make sure you treat your hair and achieve your most beautiful tresses yet.

I love Elasticizer, which is a good job as I’ve received 2 tubes already in my Advent Calendars.  My hair can be very fine and limp with zero body so anything that adds some life and bounce to it is great.  I use this about once or twice a week and I do see a big difference.  I also love the fact that this was originally made for Audrey Hepburn … in fact I think that this is my favourite thing about it.

Overall, I am really happy with this box.  Getting the Illamasqua Hydra Veil made my day and the other products were lovely too.  This was £15.oo well spent.

You can subscribe to the box here.

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