Lisa Potter-Dixon The Makeup Manual

Lisa Potter-Dixon The Makeup Manual

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I have a shelf full of beauty books and figured it was time I shared them on my blog.  I know we can all find makeup tips on the internet but for me, you can’t beat a good old book full of gorgeous photography to really inspire the creative juices.  If you enjoy this, let me know as like I said, there’s a good collection of books on my shelf.

Lisa Potter-Dixon is Benefit’s Head Makeup & Trend Artist (as well as being the Queen of Brows, so there isn’t much that she doesn’t know about makeup.  Her first book, Easy On The Eyes, is amazing (again, if you want a review let me know), so when I saw that she was releasing a second book, I pre-ordered it as fast as I could.  I’ve had it for a few weeks now and have devoured it.

The Makeup Manual is basically a beauty bible – it covers so much and has some great tips and tricks that will become invaluable to you.  From skincare alive on how to get your skin and base looking perfect, to advice on how to wear makeup when you wear glasses (thank you for that one Lisa!), to some stunning looks, this book is the ultimate tool for a beauty lover.

Lisa Potter-Dixon The Makeup Manual

Lisa Potter-Dixon The Makeup Manual

I love that Lisa Potter-Dixon has included a little section about her – I really enjoy reading more about the person.  We all see Lisa on Instagram and YouTube but the majority of us don’t actually know her, so it was nice to read a little bit about her career.  Lisa, we all lived for Heather Shimmer lol.


Skin Secrets – from skin types to a beauty regime, homemade face masks, and Lisa’s favourite skincare products this is great for those who want to follow a routine but don’t know where to start.

All About The Base – this tells you all you need to know about prepping that base – with a breakdown of the different products, tips on how to apply foundation and handy tips, you’ll want to read this before you even think about applying that base.

Beautiful Brows – Lisa is a brow expert, so if you want to learn about treatments, brow mapping, and how to achieve different brow looks, then this has all you need.

Go With The Glow – this is one of my favourite sections.  I need to learn all her blusher tips and there’s a really handy brush section and who doesn’t want to learn more about highlighter and bronzer?

The Eyes Have It – this is so informative with a guide to different eye shapes, what shades suit your eye colour, tips on lashes and liner, and some slaying looks that I can only dream of pulling off.

Luscious Lips – I love the guide to lip shapes, my thin little lips need all the help they can get and Lisa breaks down the different types of products and there’s lot of gorgeous lip looks to recreate.

Looks To Dazzle – there are so many sparkly looks in this chapter, so there’s no excuse for any of us too look like we fell in a glitter pot whilst drunk and I love the tips on wedding makeup and the Halloween looks are amazing.

Lisa Potter-Dixon The Makeup Manual

Lisa Potter-Dixon The Makeup Manual

Lisa Potter-Dixon The Makeup Manual

I love this book and I can’t wait for Lisa’s third … come on, there has to be a third.

The Lisa Potter-Dixon Makeup Manual is available for £14.99 at Waterstones although there are cheaper prices at other online sites.


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